Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Microsoft Files Interesting Patent

It's become customary for gaming sites to report on patents filed for specific functions being done exclusively for one console. Most patents hardly interest me, but 1UP posted a patent by Microsoft called "User Created Game Guide".

Siliconera reports that the company's game platform strategy director Andre Vrignaud has filed a patent for user-submitted game guides over Xbox Live. According to the patent, the system detects where a player is stuck, and accesses a database with user-made tips for that section.

So an Xbox Live feature that replaces all those starter guides people buy for games, to help you get out of a situation you're approaching the wrong way or unsure what to do. Sounds pretty cool, but wait THERE'S MOOOORE:

The authoring features allow users to capture screenshots and video clips, and to use a digital pencil to mark them. It also may allow for audio commentary and tags, and developers can submit their own guides that will take precedence over user-created guides. There are obvious problems to be ironed out.

So if you're a gamer and you are a big shot with a certain game, you could help others. Just the thought of some random gamer recording audio commentary saying "Alright stupid ass, here's what you're supposed to do" sounds funny and potentially cool for some people to do. I welcome this interesting feature.

Although there is a concern it will make games too easy for people and discourage the "hunt" many go through for achievements and/or progressing through the game. Is the feature innocent enough to avoid abuse by cheap gamers?

Party Chat returning to MW2?

One constant annoyance to some is that if you are in a party when playing Modern Warfare 2, the game automatically puts you in game chat. While not a fan of this feature I didn't let it bother me, and fellow authors expressed their approval of the measure to avoid silent games. Silent being no one talks to you.

However, apparently Infinity Ward has had many complaints according to Analog Hype, they now are considering the idea of lifting the measure.

It's quite ironic since NG4 had an article declaring the race to disable Party Chat in future game releases, making the invention of the feature dead in less than 2 years. Now it might go the other way around, and even if Infinity Ward doesn't change the auto game chat feature other developers might avoid integrating it.

Public Opinion wants it gone, but shouldn't people be communicating with their teams? That is the argument for the supporters of this feature, and we'll see how it turns out.

1.21 Gigawatts of Modding Power

I seem to be attracted to mods in games today, but geez what a nostalgic twinge this one gave me.

That...is awesome.

1UP article

Game: Crysis, can be used for Crysis Wars too.

Left 4 Dead 2 16 player Co-op

Yes you read that right, someone designed a mod to allow 16 player Co-op on Left 4 Dead 2 for the PC.

As much as N4G highlights the chaos of having a crazy match like this, it looks pretty damn fun to me. There's so much going on that if you aren't pro then you would probably be beaten to every zombie that could fit in that game. I'm already laughing at how many people have a chainsaw in that match, and how "efficient" it would be if everyone stood in a group with chainsaws and cleaned out the rooms. Ha!

Here's the server if any L4D 2 PC owners are interested: