Friday, February 12, 2010

NES sells for $13,105

Many of you might wonder what makes this NES worth 10,000, well you can read the original article here or I can summarize what came with the NES:

Yes, this girl had a boxed copy of Stadium Events. A complete one, with instruction manual and everything, which according to sites only 10 full copies exist.

Jealous? Envious? I sure am.

Funny how the game is basically World Class Track Meet, but an earlier test version sold before the Power Pad came out.

X10: Halo Reach Vidoc

This is the first look we are getting at Halo Reach as a game, i'm liking it.

The "exploration" feel that they want to replicate from Halo: CE is a good move, with Halo 3 falling short in several areas the nostalgic take is a good move. I certainly enjoyed walking around the second level on Halo: CE, although I don't know if this enthusiasm to recreate the exploration feel will work. Halo was an alien world, with nothing you knew about. This is the planet Reach, where buildings make sense and are familiar to human design. If its exploration through a desolate side of Reach, which I bet it will be then maybe that strategy will work.

I also like their emphasis on the importance of the elites, they're so much more fun to fight than the brutes. Going back to the "Wort Wort Wort" babbling and alien language is a nostalgic step back, but this is sometime around Halo: CE so its continuity as well as something we wanted.

Customizable Spartans, I want more of that. I do, and I really also like the environments. The weapons look cool but can't say much until i've tried the beta.

Looking forward to the beta this May.

X10: Fable III didn't really piss me off

Peter Molyneux said before X10 rolled around that what he was showing about Fable III at X10 would get people "super pissed"

Kind of a bold statement to make about your game. If you're making a game that people are going to be pissed off about, then how could it possibly be good? I mean, it was obviously just a marketing ploy for people to check out what he was showing at the event, but instead of getting pissed off I found myself more interested in what he did end up showing.

The first thing he showed was a set of six new screenshots:

The game is set 10 years after Fable II, with you taking the reins as the son of Fable II's main character. Save data from Fable II could be imported to change the game slightly, but Molyneux went on to say it wouldn't be necessary, and the changes wouldn't be incredibly significant.

About halfway through the story, you will become the ruler of Albion, and this will play a much bigger role in your relationship with the town. Followers will become your new form of currency, and you will have to face many tough choices, which will leave you with either many or little followers.

There's also a new "Touch" system that people have been comparing to ICO, and I can definitely see the similarity. As you progressively become more comfortable with a character, you will be able to go from a handshake, to a hug, to a kiss, etc.

Another thing Molyneux talked about was the weapon morphing system. Over time, depending on your actions in-game, your weapon will change over time, becoming more accustomed to your character and it will change, just like your character has changed in the past two games.

All of that seems great, but I think we're missing the part that's supposed to make us super pissed off. Well, Fable III is NOT AN RPG! Apparently there will be no XP, no glowing orbs, no leveling up no health bar, no red edge-of-the-screen effect to show you're about to die, none of that! In fact, Molyneux has stated that there will be no HUD elements in the game. Honestly, I'm not really pissed off about it, and it's hard to imagine many people being super pissed by it. This is quite surprising, and definitely turns the game into something much different, and something much better in this writer's opinion.

Overall, I'm pretty excited by what Fable III has to offer, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops in the following months till the game's release in Q4 2010. Until then, I'll watch the new set of Lionhead Developer Diaries. You can find the first one Here, just be sure not to get too pissed off about anything while watching it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

X10: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Announced

Earlier today at Microsoft's X10 event, Capcom announced a very interesting piece of news. A prequel to Dead Rising 2, donned with the subtitle "Case Zero", will be released before the release of the full game, as an exclusive download on Xbox LIVE.

This sounds like a relatively interesting prospect, but I'm left wondering how the game will play. Will it play like Dead Rising? Will you play as Frank West? Will it work as DLC for the game? If it's coming out pre-release, how will it access the second game's on-disc files? Will it be a downloadable add-on for Dead Rising 1? The truth is, we don't know too much about the game yet. The one thing they have said is that it will bridge the gap between the first game and the second.

That seems like quite a bit of story, and it makes me wonder exactly how long the game will be... I'm guessing since it's downloadable, it won't be incredibly long, but a nice solid length for a prequel. My prediction, 2 hours.

So far pricing and a release date have not been announced, but Capcom has announced the release date for the full-version of the game as well as going on to say that it will have a simultaneous release on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Be sure to look for Dead Rising 2 on store shelves this August 31, and get ready for some kickass zombie hacking and slashing, muthafuckers!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oscar Nominated Short Logorama, IT's BRILLIANT!!!

Hey guys, Thank you to Kotaku for pointing me in the direction of this phenomenal short film thats been nominated for an Oscar. The premise is two cops going after Ronald Mcdonald and then all hell breaks loose. Enjoy and let me know what you think because I had so much fun watching this film and will be rooting for it at the Oscars. The only other animated short I've seen is the short in front of UP "Partly Cloudy" and while that film was moving i can't deny the joy I got from watching this short. Well done and good luck on Oscar night Logorama

What the movie in it's entirety here: Logorama

The Last Airbender Full Trailer

The full trailer finally surfaced, and my god it looks great.

Notes about the trailer

Character wise Rathbone as Sokka looks pretty good, Nicola Peltz as Katara seems a bit younger than the show. Katara did look a bit older than Aang and certainly sounded older, but here they are about even in terms of age and maturity. At one point you can hear Aang screaming, and with that I’m hoping they keep the innocent feel to Aang. Someone who hands him a big responsibility he has no choice but to hold, I was afraid Shayamalan would make it too stiff serious like some of his movies are. Nope, looks like he is listening to the creators. I know Brian Koneitsko and Michael Dimartino are Executive Producers, but they clearly are overseeing this movie more than other producers with Executive credit do.

When they designed Aangs tattoos I wasn’t sure how they’d go about it. I thought it would just look silly, the peeks at his airbender tattoo’s designs are pretty damn cool.

The visuals of the iceberg scene, the skulls littered around the air temples, and the temples themselves once again make me very excited. If the creators are doing one thing right as executive producers, its ensuring that Industrial Light and Magic as well as production values are staying true to the flavor of the show. Where things are different from the show such as the designs for Aang’s tattoos is where the clear differences the movie should have from the show. Big bold blue lines all over Aang would have just looked silly for a movie that REALLY is trying to be the first cool Nick movie. This is being produced by Frank Marshall’s company, and they know production values from all the Steven Spielberg movies they’ve handled.

I want to personally mention Dev Patel as Zuko, Slumdog Millionaire didn’t appeal to me as much as it does to others. However Patel was able to give a genuine appearance in terms of his character, delivery is one thing in an actor. The interesting thing about Dev Patel is that in terms of facial expression and the presence he exudes is so believable, and in the trailer I could believe he is the prince of the Fire Nation. He didn’t even say lines, and I totally see him as Zuko. Many complain about his scar being not as “overbearing” on his eye like in the show, I find that argument a bit silly. Once again animation is different from live action in key areas, and a scar on an eye in the style of the animated show would be pretty damn distracting. When Dev Patel is suiting up at 1:04, the movie reminded me of a scene in the show when he’s suiting up for episode 1. YAY more homaging.

The actor for Iroh, which was a great character in the show seems like another personal mention because this trailer is the first time we see him, the Fire Lord and so many others. I even distinctly heard Katara’s grandma at the end. The casting is just looking so good, but I was afraid they would miscast Iroh. Doesn’t look like it, I’m pumped.

Overall, the movie is looking so good. And while it isn’t quite anime, this is a clear lesson for the idiots who made Dragonball Evolution and adaptions in general that you need competent directors, you need to really understand the characters, and so many other things that seem to go right for this movie.

The bending, the casting, the story, the visuals, all look like the people involved in the show gave their two cents about the movie. Could this movie be M. Night Shayamalan’s greatest work? If it critically scores well , it is going to be a BIG BIG BIG talking point. I could probably see a special long podcast for this movie.

Wow, even Princess Uwe (spelling?) makes an appearance. How long is this movie? It's packed with soo much stuff from the show.

Geeksquisite Episode 50: IPAD

TJ, Rob, Ed, Aaron, and Randy talk about the IPAD and discuss if it's worth the price tag or not. Does this device show potential or is it dead on arrival?

Geeksquisite Episode 50: IPAD

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Book of Eli Review

This movie certainly got my attention, because I like Denzel Washington. The guy can play any role you give him, same can be said of Gary Oldman.

Book of Eli is an all around solid movie, in terms of production values they really went for the apocalyptic feel. The daily life of living in this post apocalyptic American is very intense for all of its inhabitants. If you aren't carrying the most bullets in this world the Hughes brothers created, you are in deep trouble. Now obviously in this world they created, money means nothing since necessities are all they want and in scarce supply. The movie had some ironic humor when it came to the world's bartering system, what we take for granted here earns you a simple canteen of water. The people of this post apocalyptic world are humbled right down to the simple concept of staying clean. Pretty cool way they showed that visually and when the characters interacted.

Lets talk about the acting, pretty damn good overall. Denzel Washington could have said 5 words or had long monologues and I would have understood his character. Simply Eli, or at least I think his name is Eli, is hopeful to find civilization. He runs into Carnegie played by Gary Oldman, and I half expected him to liberate Carnegie's town. He doesn't, and Carnegie plainly points out why later. The whole conflict between him and Eli is his King James bible, pointing to the words of god as an instrument of power. I am not very religious, but the power of the bible in a post apocalyptic world is about as vital as the water we drink, which also flocks people in this movie.

There are some pretty good supporting actors too, Mila Kunis has been raved about. So while I tried to ignore what everyone says, I could clearly see how good of a job Mila Kunis did. I do not know her by looks, but it was easy to see she stood out. She played her part very well to be sure, but I got quite a few laughs out of Frances de la Tour and Michael Gambon (who play Olympe and Dumbledore respectively in Harry Potter). As an old couple who still retain their house, they were a typical NRA gun toting couple intent on retaining the life they know. They had quite a few good lines, and the whole interaction with them is one of the most dynamic points of the film.

Overall the film has merits, but if anything annoyed me. It was the coincidental circumstance for Eli toward the end, keep an EYE OR TWO out for that when you see the movie and notice how the film wraps up. It surprised me, but it begs a few questions I might address in a video review later on. if there is anything else that comes to mind, I have to say the pacing for this movie is pretty solid as far as I am concerned. It made me grateful for the fact that I have everything I've wanted and that I overlook simple necessities I should be grateful for.

Out of 10, I give this movie an 8. Go see it.

TJ What's New? Pandorum

Is Pandorum an overlooked 2009 science fiction gem or just another piece of crap that should have premiered on the Syfy channel?

TJ What's New? Kissing Jessica Stein

Is this quarky indie lesbian rom com from 2001 good enough to be worth a watch? Find out below.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Who to Have Super Bowl S-Mashup in the Rock Band Music Store

Well folks, it's Super Bowl Sunday, and while I normally don't follow sports, this story flows over well enough into video games that I felt it was relevant.

As we all should know, The Who is preforming live at the Super Bowl Halftime show this year. Harmonix is getting in on the deal by releasing a specially recorded version of the performance The Who plan to play, and they're releasing it directly after the Super Bowl!

They have announced on the official forums that it will be available for 160 MS Points on the Xbox 360, and $1.99 on the Wii... The PS3 version is said to be "coming soon" which I'm guessing is going to be the standard Thursday update for PSN.

This is rather surprising that they're releasing it on Sunday. Besides the 20 free DLC songs, which didn't really have a definitive release date, this is a first for Harmonix, and it'll be interesting to see if they do any more of this kind of thing in the future.