Saturday, December 19, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted in quite a while do to college craziness. I feel like i have something to say though. FUCK MOTHER NATURE!!! I should be sitting in a warm toasty screening of Avatar in IMAX as we speak the trailers are about to roll. And guess what I'm sitting at home typing this up instead. The snow has played some wicked tricks on me before but this is just cruel. It couldn't blizzard when New Moon came out or when Alvin and the Chipmunks hit theaters but on the FUCKING OPENING WEEKEND OF AVATAR. I'm so miserable right now that it hurts. I have in my hands 3 beautiful IMAX tickets for the epic 14 years in the making world changing AVATAR and i'm typing this. That is All.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Iron Man 2 Trailer

The Movie Blog recently put up this Iron Man 2 trailer, speaking of which I am glad that site will still exist even without John Campea. Anyway, here's the trailer:

At first the trailer was great until Whiplash started his monolouge, where I couldn't understand Mickey Rourke and had to replay it.

Otherwise, this trailer is sick. I finally got to see Rhodes in his War Machine costume, and damn did he look good. I also thought Whiplash looked cool and menacing, despite my earlier comment about being unable to understand him at first. Swing those whips!

There wasn't too much on the Scarlet Widow, but Johannson will probably do great. I did find the fact that Tony Stark disrobed his Ironman armor on stage in front of everyone kind of weird. In the beginning a court demands that Tony Stark hands over the Ironman technology, so wouldn't he want to avoid keeping it under a stage.

That's a nitpick, so don't think about it too hard unless the movie overlooks that fact when we all get to see it.

I have to wonder how Whiplash could figure out the Ironman technology for the power source, i'm sure the film will explain that too.

I'm looking forward to this movie VERY VERY MUCH, it could even be better than the first.

Halo Reach Trailer Impressions

It's long overdue, but I felt that better quality videos of this trailer needed to seed youtube before I actually posted one. So before you even consider my opinions on this matter, check out the trailer:

When viewing this trailer, I was pretty excited. The graphics/visuals are good, and Bungie stressed the importance of the cinematic scenes being on the in-game graphics capabilities. Good idea Bungie.

Visuals are all nice and everything, but among the ODST soldiers I did not see a single Spartan. True, Spartans like to act alone but seeing one would have been nice. Having said that, the encounters with the characters were entertaining at the very least. I noticed how different each ODST was dressed, i'm a fan of more customization for your character during online matches.

(rant)The helicopters in the trailer excited me, but for a different reason. Many Halo fans wish to drive the pelican, but i'm willing to forgo this in favor of aerial firing. It would be really satisfying to have a mission, where thousands of covenant litter a valley. Your Spartan/ODST would have to "spray" the field, then get down there and finish all of the rest. That is wishful thinking by me, and merely a rant.

For the most part the trailer was good, but there are clearly dissenting people who think the trailer was nothing special. Sure I would like to see gameplay, but it's quite unnecessary since we are getting a beta in Spring 2010 (at least that is what I have heard).

The Halo franchise brought me into gaming, Halo: Combat Evolved was the very first game I played on Xbox. So this early adoption of the Halo franchise makes me biased in many ways, and I get into arguments regarding Halo 3 and Halo: ODST many many times. Halo Reach is going back to the beginning of the fight, the brutes that dominated Halo 3 don't work with the covenant quite yet. So we're going to get more elite combat action, something I feel the lack of made Halo 3 and Halo: ODST disappointing.

So maybe the franchise has fallen in popularity with some, but would gamers truly consider a Bungie made game bad? No, they are a company who has made good games. We can hope Halo Reach is truly magnificent as a game, but we need to calm down when analyzing the trailer. It is just a trailer.