Saturday, July 4, 2009

1 vs 100: a reason to start playing again

Read here for read below

I haven't touched 1v100 in a while, oh it's fun to play, especially with friends competing with you and jeering on your mistakes. But it's frustrating how long its been in beta, and I have to admit I long to play it again. But with news that will make me wait to play it next week is that on Friday the prizes will actually be awarded from that point on.


Good move, and I really am looking forward to actually scoring points so I can get Shadow Complex for free :D

Happy 4th of July Everybody

It's that time of the year again, BBQ, fireworks, friends, and family. Let us know how your day went in the comments, maybe some of your best memories. I hope you all have a Geeksquisite 4th of July :-D

Here below is a clip from one of my favorite movies. Enjoy

300 sequel gaining headway

Snyder's 300 gets 301

Well I gotta say, I did like 300. And at least Frank Miller is making a book for them to base on for the sequel, seems like a good thing right.

Actually no.

Think about it, when Frank Miller made 300 with a friend. He never expected for his graphic novel to be picked up, now that he knows the world is waiting for him to make another book he's obviously going to cater to a "cinema flavor" which could hurt his writing ability.

Secondly, he's trying to possibly bring back Leonidas even though we clearly saw him and all of his main character's die. The movie didn't hold back anything for a possible sequel, so the talent of Snyder and the producers will be challenged as well.

Lastly, didn't Frank Miller just make a terribly reviewed movie called "The Spirit". Doesn't that indicate Miller might be going the route of George Lucas, yes I said it. That is what i'm afraid is going to happen here STORY WISE for a 300 sequel.

So with all those points I make, I hope they don't make a 300 sequel but if they do i'm hoping it doesn't suck.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Book Review: Rhett Butlers People

If you are a fan of Gone with the Wind, one of the longest and legendary books that has existed for so many years. You will realize how timeless the story is, especially being of an older story set during the Civil War. The movie adaption is also a landmark in history, and there is a sequel to the book and the movie. The movie was not so great, but the book it was based on was decent, despite being a less satisfying experience. Another book came out called Rhett Butler's People, and I expected it'd be a decent read. Nope.

I don't know who authorized this book, but they made a huge mistake. I know it's about Rhett Butler more than anyone else, but unlike Scarlett which is the sequel to Gone with the Wind, this midquel is shameless. It doesn't pay homage like it should, heck it even has chapters without Rhett Butler at all. I read exactly 9 chapters, and I hated it.

So if your a fan of Gone with the Wind, I do recommend Scarlett but tell you to avoid Rhett Butler's people because it is not the same style as the other two. The author strikes me as unsuited to capture the scope of Gone with the Wind. Maybe someone else might like it, but it seems the Gone with the Wind knockoffs will get worse as they make more to "print" money off of Margaret Mitchell's hard work.

I give it a 2 out of 5

Geeksquisite Episode 37 Movie Edition: Revenge

Episode 37: Revenge

TJ, Rob, Ed, Aaron, and Smarty talk movies and more. Revenge of the Fallen, Year One, and even some old crazy martial arts film. Enjoy

The podcast is also available on the Itunes music store via Itunes

Tech Review: Toki Tori (iPhone App)

If you enjoy working out puzzle with a game that has great graphics and cool sounds, this would be a game to look into. When I first saw this game I thought it was to be a little going to be a little childish and really easy, but I was bored so I got it. After a few levels, I was starting to get really entertained. There are all sorts of puzzles you need to work your way through. If there is a special object that you can use (such as putting down a bridge, introduced right after Level 1), it explains it to you before you start the game to make sure you use it right. It’s a very easy to navigate around the levels, from where ever you are, you just tap the location you want to go to and if you can get there with no obstacles blocking you, then it will go for you otherwise it will create a circle of X’s.

This game is really fun and easy to play, and after the first few levels I’m sure you will get almost addicted to it. I really enjoy it and play it a lot, maybe once a week. You can either buy the full version (Currently 80% off, selling at $0.99) or you can try the lite version in the App Store.

Game Raiting: 5/5

Get the full version: Toki Tori

Get the Lite Version: Toki Tori Lite

Geek Secret

O hai, my name is Steph and I'd like to introduce the newest addition to Geeksquisite: Geek Secret!

Geek Secret, inspired by Post Secret, is a collection of anonymous e-postcards featuring your geek culture related secrets. Are you madly in love with Solid Snake? Is Basshunter constantly playing in your head? Do you feel the need to quote Futurama in daily conversations? Here is your chance to secretly admit your deepest secrets ... secretly.

Every Friday there will be a screened post (only we can see the comments) and there you will be able to post your 'secret' anonymously.

Here are the steps to creating and posting your secret:

1. Create an image to illustrate your 'secret' using MsPaint, Adobe Photoshop, or any other photo/image editing software. Make sure the image is about the size of a postcard. (Postcards are usually around 4x6 inches.)

2. The 'secret' must relate to anything geeky, nerdy, or dorky: video games, anime, pop culture, books, etc. It should be short and sweet (or bitter) and legible.

3. Once you have finished upload your image to ImageShack and send us an anonymous comment in the designated "Geek Secret Submission Post". (Please send us the direct link to the image and make sure to mention this is for Geek Secret in your comment.)

4. Please do not e-mail us your secrets!

This is our first Geek Secret Submission Post, so leave all comments in this thread!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

No More Heroes coming to Xbox?

Desperate Struggle to be finale for Wii

The Developer CEO of No More Heroes has signaled it's departure from the Nintendo Wii and has expressed interest in going beyond the limits of the Wiimote to the Xbox and Natal.

Natal has been a controversy for the revolution in motion controller technology it could represent but also for how it could lose its appeal quick, and be a big flop for the Xbox 360. So it doesn't hurt when a franchise exclusive to the Wii will stand behind the technology. You can't blame the open window Natal appears to offer for the motion driven gameplay in the No More Heroes series.

If they are moving away from being an exclusive Wii title to go to Xbox, I bet Grasshopper wouldn't look towards the PS3 with the complexity issues for developing with the PS3 and its motion controller being as limited as the Wiimote.

So Natal has another positive on it's side in that it is attracting developers, and if Grasshopper decides to go, Xbox users get an exclusive title from the franchise.

We'll see what they decide. I for one don't show much interest in the game...yet. Lets hope moving to the 360 gives it a chance to change it's look a little, the graphics don't appeal to me much.

Asteroids...the movie?!

Universal buys rights

So Universal is buying the rights to make an Asteroids movie.


Why? who else is going to want to make a movie based on a triangle shooting aliens. I mean buying rights keeps other companies from making the movie first before you, a good example of this was the Watchmen crisis with Fox. But seriously, how the hell do you make a movie based on that?! And more importantly, who could have hinted they would be crazy enough to make a movie about the game that Universal had to step in and acquire the rights.

I can see it now, a crew gets stopped in the middle of space. It just so happens that they are in the middle of everything. Rogue Asteroids have been reported nearby and aliens hate humans enough to shoot at them. Who am i kidding, I don't see how they could make a good movie out of Asteroids.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nintendo DSi: for new customers only

I am the proud owner of a Special Edition Mario DS Lite, and yet almost sold it because of the recession squeezing my wallet. Having said that I am hooked on Nintendo handheld gaming as I was with the Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, and Game Boy Advance before I gave up on their handhelds for a while.

There have been many scenarios where someone comments on my DS Lite saying "are you going to upgrade to the DSi?", I can easily say no to that. Because between the last gen DS and the new DSi the games are accessible to everyone, I never upgrade when the games are still available to me. It's a much different scenario than say the need to upgrade from a PS2 to a PS3, theres significant difference in those consoles than the three handhelds of the DS lifespan of the Nintendo handhelds.

So after reading THIS article, I'd like to offer my opinion on potential buyers of the DSi.

If you have a DS Lite, don't bother. Losing the GBA slot will hurt because some of those buyers who like to collect the older stuff. I will even go as far to say the "fit and finish" of the DSi is inferior to the DS Lite, and even though I have a Mario DS I envy other special editions of the DS Lite. The DS Lite also has alot more color choices than the DSi.

If you have the first gen DS I say don't feel rushed to buy the DSi, put slowly save up for it. And only do it if the download titles appeal to you.

So in regards to the DSi, only new customers of Nintendo should apply. Heck i'd probably do it  for a DS Lite though, make of it what you will.

Note: Sometimes I wish I kept the box for my DS Lite, but it got so ruined I wouldn't like keeping such a tattered thing >_<

Trailers of the Month: June 2009

Ed's Picks

1. Love Happens Trailer

Gotta say I only watched the trailer because I am a BIG Aaron Eckhart fan, and I was happy to see it wasn’t a waste of my time. Having someone who assures himself things are okay to have a new woman he likes break that cloud over his mind has many possibilities. Looks like it has some good humor moments with Eckhart’s character being famous, and hey Jennifer Aniston may be stopping her neurotic mess schtick I’m tired of.

2. 2012 Trailer

Alright, I have to say I don’t like apocalyptic films when the apocalypse is happening. Directors throw logic away plenty of times and make someone helpless with no hope boohoo. But the cast of John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton (BAD!), and Woody Harrelson offers this movie a lot of diverse conflict with whatever disaster is happening. Emmerich had his lemon film with 10,000 BC last year, let’s hope he got back on track.

3. Amelia Trailer

I’m a fan of the story of Amelia Earhart, this may be a biopic, but a GLORIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL looking biopic. I was a big fan of Amelia Earhart in Night of the Museum 2, although OBVIOUSLY done by two different actors. This is the perfect time to bring out a movie that was the only highlight of another movie, and people wanted to see more of even when she was in that movie a lot. I’m predicting a good boxoffice, especially with yet another good cast list, I do want to know the whole story of Amelia Earhart even though Hollywood likely dramatized some things.

4. The Last Airbender Trailer

I watched the Nick Cartoon Series, awesome stuff. The teaser trailer showed what could be of the movie, it looks good. The music seems just right, the narration told all pretty close to the themes of the show, Noah looks good as Aang and the end scene is just so cool. With Nick devoting a good amount of money into this threesome of movies planned, It might be the best movie and maybe movies they ever slapped their logo on.

5. Toy Story 3 Trailer

Without John Lasseter directing, Disney Circle One animating this instead of Pixar, and the trailer pushing the idea of it having sooo many characters. This may be the most anticipated movie of 2010, even though there are some changes to the formula of the first two.

TJ's Picks

1. Shutter Island Trailer

Is the film directed by Martin Scorcese? Yes! Does it star Leonardo Dicaprio? Yes! The combination of these two has led to some of the best films of the last decade. Why should it fail now? It shouldn't! It's safe to say this film will be up for Best Picture next year so start getting pumped now. The trailer looks to be the most experimental Scorcese film in a long time so I'm really excited to see a master grow at his art.

2. Ponyo Trailer

Disney dubs for Studio Ghibli films are pretty good usually so this shouldn't be a case where the subtitles are a big deal. It's the visuals that fill this trailer that are just gorgeous. This is Miyazaki's first film since 2004's Howl's Moving Castle. To most people Miyazaki is Japan's Disney but I can assure you he's much more then that. I will be seeking this film out when it's released August 14th.

3. cold souls Trailer

This one is a tricky thing to judge, the last time a indie style film like this came out it was Scynecoche, NY and it was terrible although not for trying. I love the visuals and the atmosphere of the trailer and usually you can't go wrong with Paul Giamatti in a film. I'm excited but also very cuatious we'll have to wait and see.

4. Amelia Trailer

I haven't seen a Biopic I LOVED in a long time. They often are very good but just do the structure of the genre they all tend to be missing something. Cliff notes of someones life is not enough to sum up a person but I like that Amelia seems to be focusing on the latter part of her life mostly. It's a good start and I just love the cast of Hillary Swank and Richard Gere so here's hoping the movie lives up to the trailer.

5. 2012 Trailer

Roland Emmerich is one of those directors that people love to hate much like Michael Bay. I however love Independence Day and have pretty much gave him a career pass until 10,000 B.C. that is where I finally couldn't take it anymore. I really hope this film goes back to the fun action film I know Emmerich loves to give us. The trailer is packed wall to wall with great effects so it should be a good dumb time at the theater. Also note it never hurts to have John Cusack star in your film, he can do no wrong in my book.

As an honorable mention The Last Airbender would be on my list to but since it was just a teaser and I'm sure the full trailer will be on my list i thought i'd leave it off. So with that I hope you enjoyed our June 2009 trailers of the month.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Geeksquisite Gaming Diary 6/30/09: Halo Figurines

Ed shows off his unexpectedly growing Halo Figurine collection.

Billy Mays Beard Growing Contest!

Hello all, with the recent deaths of certain celebrities, including the God of infomercials himself, (burn in hell Vince!) I have decided to have a mini contest among anyone who wants to join. We are all going to grow our very own Billy Mays beards in honor and tribute to him and I'd like everyone to take pictures of the final product or their journey to the finest Billy Mays beard we can muster.

I'm going to be updating every week with my beard progress. Send us your pictures here:

TV Review: Six Feet Under (Season 1)

I've been watching the first season of a whole bunch of series while on summer break. I heard about Six Feet Under years ago and how it kept winning Emmy's and Golden Globes. I never watched because I never really understood what is what. I'm actually happy about that though because I don't think I would have liked this show had I seen it 5 years ago.

"Nathaniel Fisher, his wife Ruth, and their children David and Claire run a small funeral business that offers the best care to be found anywhere close by. Prodigal son Nate Jr. arrives home for Christmas just as his father is killed by a bus, and has to stick around when he and David are willed the funeral service together. How does a family who helps others deal with grief deal with its own? Written by rmlohner" (thank you IMDB)

If you never got the chance to catch this series on tv don't let that stop you. This is one of the greatest series i've ever seen. It's the perfect balance of character and story and it really comes together nicely. At first some characters feel boring and not fun to watch but as their story arcs unfold pretty much all the characters are fun to watch. Michael C. Hall is the best example of someone who I hated for the first 3 or 4 episodes of the series but by the end he became my favorite character on screen.

All the characters are struggling with where their life should go and how to get along with each other. I like that there isn't a true main relationship, they establish Nate as the main character but all the other members of the family get episodes of their own that are most of my favorite ones. This is one of the earlier shows to bring a cinematic quality to the camerawork and it really shows not only in cinematography but editing as well. There are sequence with dead people acting as the conscience that are just brilliant to look at.

I'm unsure of where the series will go from here but I'm really looking forward to it. It was a fantastic start to a show with some excellent performances. I have to take special note that I don't think i've ever seen a better or more respectful portrayal of a gay character on television. This show doesn't judge it's characters but just acknowledges we are all just people trying to make it by day by day.

5 out of 5

Geesquisite Episode 36 Game Edition: Off Topic

Episode 36: Off Topic

Hey guys here is a new podcast for your listening pleasure. We go off topic quite a bit sorry about that but in between the banter we talk about some cool games like Ghostbusters, Killzone 2, and Moonwalker. Enjoy the show.

PS3 to be backward compatible again?


So apparently software news has brought to light a cheaper and cost effective way to make the PS3's of the future be backwards compatible. I'm sorry but this makes no sense, PS3 fans have their PS3 already. Why didn't they do this when they removed backwards compatibility, I'm guessing they hoped it would just make PS2 owners go out and get a PS3.

But I really don't see the sense in doing this now, especially since now PS3 owners will feel deprived that they didn't keep backwards compatibility. I know a lot of PS3 owners are hounding down the original units that have the backwards compatibility, I mean it was great the PS3 was 400 bucks finally. But this news of essentially putting back the backwards compatibility but having to wait until they release the firmware is kind of lame.

Could it be an exclusive PS3 Slim addition? Hard to say.

Look I like that they are offering backwards compatibility again in the future, but I really don't see them offering you the chance to send yours in for backwards compatibility. And i'd laugh if somebody buys another PS3 for backwards compatibility, I don't have many games I want to play on the next console.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Movie Review: Year One

I got the lucky chance to sit through quite possibly the worst comedy in years. I don't kid I had a bad feeling about this movie going into it but I didn't realize how bad it was going to get. This movie has Jack Black, Michael Cera, David Cross, Paul Rudd, Hank Azaria, Vinnie Jones, and is directed by Harold Rammis. So WHAT THE HELL went wrong here? The only theory I can come up with is that all these comedians have their own very distinct styles and were doing their own thing. Harold Rammis as the director should have reined them in so they could work as a cohesive whole. Instead everyone is allowed to just do whatever they want and none of it ends up being funny.

The basic plot of the story is that Jack Black and Michael Cera get kicked out of their tribe after eating the forbidden fruit and then stumble upon different people from biblical times. Most of the encounters they have are used as an excuse to give some comedian a cameo. Like I mentioned though they aren't given any direction and characters like Kane played by David Cross come across as annoying and not funny. A comedy can get by if the main characters are lame but the supporting cast is great unfortunately here they both suck.

It doesn't help that the film is poorly written either. The way they make jokes is to do some crazy act and then make it funnier by describing the act that is being done. That isn't funny it's just making a statement and it's done consistently throughout the film. I can't possibly recommend Year One to anyone. I'm pretty sure even if you like low brow slapstick poop jokes you still won't find much in this film worth paying for.

1 out of 5

A Tribute to Shadow of The Colossus

The giant must die! An amusing short that captures the true nature of the game Shadow of The Colossus. Hang in until the end, you might just find yourself ROFLing.

Halo Reach to be Natal Compatible


The idea of a Halo game in cooperation with Natal seems kinda cool with all the ideas people have, chucking grenades like you really are. Crouching to avoid shots would be cool too.

But geez, would they program all of the moves into Natal? That is what I am worried about.

But hey this also means that Natal is going to be released no later than the fall of 2010, but I suspect it will come out sooner. Maybe Spring if we're lucky, and I've got to say there is indeed no better way to kick Natal forward than with a Halo title. But, that hasn't always been the case, Bungie must have been experimenting with Natal for a while now, idk if they did before the announcement of Natal but I wouldn't doubt they had an early look.

Saving Private Ryan-Emotional Scene

Saving Private Ryan was on TV last night, and I watched it. There is this one scene towards the end...oh yeah


Where Upham is waiting downstairs while the two soldiers fight upstairs with the German soldier that managed to shoot one in the neck and render it a one on one fight, since they were mostly out of ammo. This scene gets to me, I purposefully miss it because it really gets to me. No I don't cry, I cringe and get weak kneed over this scene with the American Soldier getting stabbed.

When he first grabbed the youth knife at Omaha Beach, I as a History Major felt repulsed and sick when seeing the jewish soldier look and cry over one of the most cold hearted, specific killing devices in history. And to have the enemy take it from you and then stab you in the heart makes me lose all sense of calm. For all the history, all the frustration, all the anger towards Holocaust deniers, this scene gets to me. I felt helpless last night while watching it, slowly seeing the soldier die as the German soldier plunged deeper.

It is scenes like these that have such secret messages portrayed professionally by directors that really immortalize elements of the human condition we must face. Life is sacred, but by the way the German Soldier whispered to the Jew as if to justify himself, while also showing the savage appeasing of Hitler's era really questions our humanity.

This film will always be one of the most influential movies of my life for that one scene capturing my endless struggle to give humanity a better reputation.

Billy Mays

Goodnight, Sweet Prince.
(July 20, 1958 – June 28, 2009)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Movie Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

When Transformers came to the big screen in 2007 I was skeptical but excited to see what Michael Bay was going to do with his adaption of the popular 80's cartoon. Those expectations were quickly put at ease with the films release. Action, adrenaline, and fun filled the first movie, yes it was flawed but it worked for me. After the first film I really wanted more so finally two years go by and look a that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is here.

It's hard to know how to go about this review, there's the whole critical point of view and then the fanboy point of view. Of course thats all bullshit, so lets just go with honest alright. I had a lot of fun with this movie, I don't think I enjoyed it as much as Star Trek but it was still enjoyable. I only wish the film could have moved along a little faster. While it starts fast it kind of just flutters around for a while. The last hour of the film definitely make up for it. It's pure all out Autobot and Decepticon war. Basically the film does everything the first film does x10. I hate making comparisons to films I haven't seen but from what I have heard this film feels a lot like Crank to Crank: High voltage as far as fans are concerned. The first was good but the second too much of a good thing.That seems to be the consensus when talking about Transformers 2.

I for one really enjoyed the action and didn't find it very hard to follow. I saw in in IMAX so I'm not sure if that may have helped but it was a lot of fun especially the big end desert battle. I don't wanna spend much time on the story because I really couldn't tell you what happened. Other then one or two points which I would consider spoilers there isn't that much of a plot to speak of. Sam is in college for about 30 seconds before he is swept away on an adventure. John Turturro returns and while I didn't enjoy him in the first film I really liked what he did in the second. He was still cartoonish but I just had a lot more fun watching him. The parents of Sam also were a lot of fun once again and had some great moments. Megan Fox while fun to look as isn't exactly fun to listen too. After about an hour in the film she has no purpose to be there anymore. One of the many flaws is that a lot of moments didn't need to be in there. it's a 2 hour 30 minute film and it could have been a lot better had about 30 minutes bin cut out. A good screenplay should always move the plot forward and here Transformers has trouble. The movie is a lot of explosive dumb fun regardless though so enjoy.

4 out of 5