Saturday, March 6, 2010

What's This AdHoc Party Thing?

I recently just found out about this free download on the PSN that came out November of last year in the US. In Japan, it came out way back in 2008, however, that was just the beta version. I was a bit confused as to what it was at first, but let me say right away that this is probobly the coolest thing I have ever downloaded from PSN, and it was absolutely FREE!

Basically, the AdHoc Party lets you take your PSP, load up a game that supports "AdHoc Multiplayer" (Which is the local kind) and connect to your Internet-enabled PS3. The Adhoc Party Program (which you install on your PS3) then goes on to search for other people playing the same AdHoc Game, and lets you get into a party with them, turning that local multiplayer into completely global online multiplayer, complete with voice chat and everything.

It also allows for private lobbies with a password system, so you can simply invite your friends and don't have to worry about anybody else interrupting your game.

Honestly, the best way to use this program is with friends, or with popular PSP games. Cause it might be slightly hard to find somebody else randomly playing a game of "Lumberjack Challenge" in "WTF: Work Time Fun". In fact, I'd be surprised if anybody was. Find somebody who's playing "Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite" is a much more likely scenario.

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