Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tech Review: Plants vs. Zombies (iPhone App)


So after being busy for a whole year, I can finally start posting on here again. What better way then starting with a review of one of my favorite iPhone games? I had never heard of this game until one of my friends told me about it. The name basically gave the game away but I didn’t really expect it to be just like this.

So you just happen to live across the street from a grave yard and you don’t want the zombies to get to your house. Luckily you have the plants on your side to help defend your house from the zombies. First you start off with two plants a pea plant (shoots one at a time) and a sunflower. The pea plant shoots peas at the zombies and the sunflowers produce suns. Sun is very important, its what lets you plant the plants. There are many different environments; day, night, front yard, back yard, etc.

I would recommend getting this game, it is very fun. The only down side is when you get into higher levels and a million one zombies are attacking, (not sure how it is for the iPhone) but my iPod Touch starts to lag very horrible and its hard to get stuff planted. Also it will suck up your battery life in an instant. I also wish you could somehow play as the zombies but oh well.

Game Rating: 4/5

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