Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Xbox Motion Sensing Device

This is just my thoughts but once again there are rumors and alot of reading between the lines of official words from Xbox that they have a Motion Sensing competitor to the Nintendo Wii's device.

Personally I think this is a ridiculous idea, because I personally feel Nintendo is in a class of its own. Thats not a compliment btw considering the excitement is more over the motion devices than it is over many of the games. 

So on that note I have to say it'd be a waste of time to make a motion sensing device, because no matter how cool it is the games unfortunately seem to focus on the motion sensing novelty than actually making a fun game. 

Some have speculated that it will be a peripheral like the Eye Toy cameras used on Playstation, I've played with those and they were pretty terrible. It lasted only 5 minutes for me. Xbox already has a vision camera so I don't see why they'd make another one or could make it work off the existing camera. I actually really hope the motion sensing peripheral is a rumor, nothing more. 

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