Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gears of War Movie Dream-Casting

With the recent news that Dwayne Johnson is "wanted" for Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War movie adaption. Let me say I have no problem with Dwayne Johnson, but since most video game movies suck. Let’s avoid using him as Marcus Fenix, granted be he could do it but I obviously feel that he can't. So with that I actually got to asking myself who would be good for the roles and heeere are the Picks :)

Ron Perlman as Marcus Fenix

Ron Perlman proves he is a leader in Hellboy; he’s got the ability to carry a movie and make as many ridiculous monologues as the movie might want and avoid the cheeziness factor. Plus he’s a real veteran with voice acting so a video game character in real life shouldn't be an issue for him. 

Thomas Jane as Damon Baird

What is it about Baird that screams Thomas Jane, blond hair. Check. His body language when in a scene similar to Bairds grumbling attitude around Fenix. Check. Social Commentater (watches Deep Blue Sea). Check. Thomas Jane would provide an outlaw feel to the character like Baird should be when paired with Fenix. 

Bruce Willis as Dominic Santiago

Yes the ethnicities are a little off...i think. But here’s the thing, the moving scene from "The Sixth Sense" shows he can portray the emotional side exhibited in Gears of War 2 for his wife. And I hope they incorporate that. Otherwise, Bruce Willis has the energy to play Santiago and should be guns blazingly since he usually accompanies Fenix.

Tyrese Gibson as Augustus Cole

WTF you may be thinking. Look you have to balance the talent, plus who else is fun to watch instinctively and could have as much fun shredding Locusts? Gibson plays GOOD side characters anyway and probably like the others doesn't ask for too much money. Important since a movie with as much CGI as they promise is probably costly to make. 


  1. we are gonna have to agree to disagree cause I am very confused right now. that casting seems just crazy. Both Ron and Bruce are like 60 years old.

    lets see...

    Marcus: Sam worthington possibly.
    Dominic: A beefed up Freddy Rodriguez maybe?
    Baird: Chris Pine (see Smokin Aces)
    Augustus Cole: Terry Crewes

    toughest casting is probably for Dom.

  2. oh and just got a thought. Bruce Willis might work as the old colonel guy or commander. Whatever the hell he is. with the hat and everything and he's a veteren type. The voice is off but I think it could work. Don't think Bruce would take such a small role though.