Saturday, November 14, 2009

Reggie Fils-Aime comments on Modern Warfare 2

Nintendo Everything plucked this comment by Nintendo of America's president

...We know that it’s a high-quality title. We know that it will do exceptionally well. Their challenge is going to be sustaining that. It was so big so fast, what happens next week and the week after? Versus Mario is going to sell for high numbers every day now through, really, for the next couple of years.”

And I thought Bobby Kotick was the only one who could look stupid when talking. Of course Mario will probably outsell Modern Warfare 2, but not for good reasons. I agree it could, but only because:

1. Nintendo had a loyal fanbase
Think about it, Nintendo was selling the Wii in great numbers. But with the lack of good titles without the name Mario in it, the introduction of this "version" of Mario with 4 player is going to sell. But how many people don't bother with their Nintendo Wii lately? Quite a few, and this is probably the first Wii game in a long time to be a must have. It's Mario, who doesn't know Mario?! Then again, who hasn't seen the tons of terrible games for the Wii that borderline on gimmicks for the Wiimote.

2. Mario has existed since the 80's
There are plenty of dedicated Mario fans that span across all ages, Modern Warfare 2 is a specific game franchise that doesn't have a specific character (unless you count Soap McTavish). Modern Warfare 2 technically has a smaller follow up if people actually followed the M rated warning on the game(which they don't),Modern Warfare is a growing franchise separate from the Call of Duty franchise as a whole in just several years. It doesn't have the "desperately loyal" fanbase of the Mario fans, the inert Wii owners who haven't bought more than 4 good games a year on their Wii, and the easy-to-manipulate young minds as much.

Heck Reggie should worry about this, because it means they will lose more than just hardcore gamers.

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