Saturday, December 5, 2009

trailers of the Month: November 2009

ED's Pick's

Clash of the Titans Trailer

Looks promising, Leterrier showed us his abilities with The Incredible Hulk. A remake of this movie has MUCH to gain from advances in technology to make a classic like this all the more sweeter.

How To Train your Dragon Trailer

Dragons are awesome. I said the same thing when I was excited to see Eragon, but that ended up being terrible. However, I am a fan of Chris Sanders and what he has done in animation. To me he was one of the biggest losses for Disney, and the only time I’ve ever been mad at John Lasseter.

Grown ups Trailer

Dennis Dugan has made some real crappy movies for Happy Madison, named after its two best movies. However, I laughed quite a bit from this trailer and perhaps this movie will put Happy Madison comedies back on the map.

Beastly Trailer

I read the book and personally know the author. The teaser for this is much darker than the book’s tone, which is a good thing. As one of her first fans, it’s cool to see one of Alex Flinn’s stories being made into a movie.

Extraordinary Measures Trailer

Based on a true story, John Crowley takes a gamble to save the lives of his kids. To do this he sacrifices to fund the theoretical breakthrough of Harrison Ford’s eccentric character. Good premise, True Story, is it done well? We’ll see.

TJ's Picks

kick-ass Trailer

I'll save you the play on words of Kick-Ass is Kick-Ass by just saying this trailer is fucking epic. With the over saturation of superhero flicks over about the last 10 years or so I think we are finally seeing the end. This film pretty marks the "Shaun of the Dead" of the genre. Then again zombie movies still get made but post Shaun movies have had a very different vibe. So maybe superhero films with get that same sort of vibe. We'll see but either way I think we are in for a Kick-Assing good time. Sorry I couldn't help myself.

how to train your dragon Trailer

I saw this in 3D when I saw Jim Carrey's Christmas Carol and it just looked like a ton of fun. Dreamworks has really stepped up. There were a few crappy years but after Kung Fu Panda the films seem to be getting better and better. I can't wait to see this, maybe even more then Toy Story 3? Shhh don't tell anyone, it will be our little secret.

clash of the titans Trailer

It's not a great trailer by any means. The song doesn't fit the tone and the clips are terribly edited together. But there's giant scorpions, greek gods, and an up and coming action start Sam Worthington. I'm very interested and will have a better opinion when a full trailer is released.

salt Trailer

Cross Wanted and Mr. and Mrs. Smith and what do you get? Salt, at least thats what they are trying to make it seem like from the trailer. I didn't love either of those films although I do enjoy watching Wanted. But I really liked Angelina Jolie in both films. This will be one of the more interesting films to watch jsut because as far as I know it's a original new franchise which is rare this day. Although what do I know I could jsut go look on google and find out it's a book or a graphic novel buy then I'd be actually trying and no one needs that.

prince of persia: the sands of time Trailer

Bad trailer, Bad accent, Bad Acting, a white guy playing a persian, Ben Kinsley, Jerry Bruckhiemer, Video game adaptation, convoluted story, alright I think you get the point. There shouldn't be any reason to have this on my list. But I like dumb action movies and everything above leads to the conclusion that this will be a dumb action movie.

Note: I didn't watch Extraordinary Measures until after this post was written but it's dam good and would have made number 3 on my list if I saw it before this post.

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