Monday, January 11, 2010

Project Needlemouse playable characters

SEGA has decided to tease people on their blog about the upcoming Project Needlemouse. The list couldn't be any more depressing for me but there are 11characters, 5 will be knocked off.

I'm a little nervous about this game now because it's supposed to be homaging the original games, but HOW could they not include Tails as a playable character? I know some don't like him, but he's a little higher up than say Amy. Why is there new characters on the list for a game that is trying to be like the old games?

Chip, Froggy, Charmy, Vector and Big better be coming off that list.

Also, Mr. Needlemouse is a new character?! why, WHY!

Oh well, this is just a guessing game SEGA is playing with us and i'll have to see the actual game. Sonic Unleashed wasn't too bad when I tried it, but the werehog concept was pretty stupid. However, I will have to acquire a copy before I properly slam that game as bad. I've been riding the bandwagon on Sonic Unleashed but I really want to believe Sonic Team did some good things that will carry over into Needlemouse.

One can hope the Sonic Team can get it right this time, the only good thing I can say is that Sonic Team seems to avoid canon. Well, I actually hate that they don't stay true to SatAM the tv show. I am glad I don't see characters like Cream on there as a playable character, she's a pretty pointless character. This also means we won't see the damn werehog experiment again, and being 2D I can't see the characters being voiced. Good, because having the 4kids actors doing them is something I don't want in light of the awful job 4kids did on Sonic X.

Once a Sonic fan, always a Sonic fan. If SEGA is trying to reach fans like me, they better have made a good game.

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  1. The reason they don't "stay true" to SatAM is cause that show was developed here in the west, and they pretty much just wrote it off as a spinoff series... which, it somewhat was.

    SatAM was non-canon just like The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was.

    Sonic X tried to stay in canon, but honestly, after Sonic Adventure 2... there wasn't much of any Sonic Canon anymore... there's too many contradictions between the games.