Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nyko offers a better Wiimote

1Up provides an interesting article on Nyko's Wiimote knock off, which undercuts the Nintendo Wiimote enough to get Nintendo's attention in the future.

Nyko will offer the featured Wiimote by March, for about the same price of $40 as Nintendo's Wiimote. The surprising part, is that Nyko's Wiimote will have Motion Plus built in.

Wii Motion Plus is an additional $20 for EACH Wiimote, in itself another source of income for Nintendo. The fact that Nyko does not sell this Motion Plus integrated Wiimote for $60 might pressure Nintendo, especially since Nintendo Wii is slowly becoming a "party console" in the gamers mind as opposed to the primary console of use.

Which means no owner of a Nintendo Wii will be satisfied with just one Wiimote (no console is ever satisfactory with one controller), and Motion Plus is going to become necessary for most games in the future. Unless you prefer to be unable to do certain moves and pretend developers won't be pressured by Nintendo to use this feature.

The fact that Nyko flaunts Wii Motion Plus integrated, and with no additional cost will undermine Nintendo's Wiimote. So Nintendo will be forced to either try to prevent the release of Nyko's product or be forced to price the bundled Wiimote with Motion Plus for the current price of the Wiimote alone.

All that being said, wait till March if you desire another Wiimote. It will save you money, and save you from having a slightly larger plastic stick.

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