Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Book of Eli Review

This movie certainly got my attention, because I like Denzel Washington. The guy can play any role you give him, same can be said of Gary Oldman.

Book of Eli is an all around solid movie, in terms of production values they really went for the apocalyptic feel. The daily life of living in this post apocalyptic American is very intense for all of its inhabitants. If you aren't carrying the most bullets in this world the Hughes brothers created, you are in deep trouble. Now obviously in this world they created, money means nothing since necessities are all they want and in scarce supply. The movie had some ironic humor when it came to the world's bartering system, what we take for granted here earns you a simple canteen of water. The people of this post apocalyptic world are humbled right down to the simple concept of staying clean. Pretty cool way they showed that visually and when the characters interacted.

Lets talk about the acting, pretty damn good overall. Denzel Washington could have said 5 words or had long monologues and I would have understood his character. Simply Eli, or at least I think his name is Eli, is hopeful to find civilization. He runs into Carnegie played by Gary Oldman, and I half expected him to liberate Carnegie's town. He doesn't, and Carnegie plainly points out why later. The whole conflict between him and Eli is his King James bible, pointing to the words of god as an instrument of power. I am not very religious, but the power of the bible in a post apocalyptic world is about as vital as the water we drink, which also flocks people in this movie.

There are some pretty good supporting actors too, Mila Kunis has been raved about. So while I tried to ignore what everyone says, I could clearly see how good of a job Mila Kunis did. I do not know her by looks, but it was easy to see she stood out. She played her part very well to be sure, but I got quite a few laughs out of Frances de la Tour and Michael Gambon (who play Olympe and Dumbledore respectively in Harry Potter). As an old couple who still retain their house, they were a typical NRA gun toting couple intent on retaining the life they know. They had quite a few good lines, and the whole interaction with them is one of the most dynamic points of the film.

Overall the film has merits, but if anything annoyed me. It was the coincidental circumstance for Eli toward the end, keep an EYE OR TWO out for that when you see the movie and notice how the film wraps up. It surprised me, but it begs a few questions I might address in a video review later on. if there is anything else that comes to mind, I have to say the pacing for this movie is pretty solid as far as I am concerned. It made me grateful for the fact that I have everything I've wanted and that I overlook simple necessities I should be grateful for.

Out of 10, I give this movie an 8. Go see it.

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