Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Last Airbender Full Trailer

The full trailer finally surfaced, and my god it looks great.

Notes about the trailer

Character wise Rathbone as Sokka looks pretty good, Nicola Peltz as Katara seems a bit younger than the show. Katara did look a bit older than Aang and certainly sounded older, but here they are about even in terms of age and maturity. At one point you can hear Aang screaming, and with that I’m hoping they keep the innocent feel to Aang. Someone who hands him a big responsibility he has no choice but to hold, I was afraid Shayamalan would make it too stiff serious like some of his movies are. Nope, looks like he is listening to the creators. I know Brian Koneitsko and Michael Dimartino are Executive Producers, but they clearly are overseeing this movie more than other producers with Executive credit do.

When they designed Aangs tattoos I wasn’t sure how they’d go about it. I thought it would just look silly, the peeks at his airbender tattoo’s designs are pretty damn cool.

The visuals of the iceberg scene, the skulls littered around the air temples, and the temples themselves once again make me very excited. If the creators are doing one thing right as executive producers, its ensuring that Industrial Light and Magic as well as production values are staying true to the flavor of the show. Where things are different from the show such as the designs for Aang’s tattoos is where the clear differences the movie should have from the show. Big bold blue lines all over Aang would have just looked silly for a movie that REALLY is trying to be the first cool Nick movie. This is being produced by Frank Marshall’s company, and they know production values from all the Steven Spielberg movies they’ve handled.

I want to personally mention Dev Patel as Zuko, Slumdog Millionaire didn’t appeal to me as much as it does to others. However Patel was able to give a genuine appearance in terms of his character, delivery is one thing in an actor. The interesting thing about Dev Patel is that in terms of facial expression and the presence he exudes is so believable, and in the trailer I could believe he is the prince of the Fire Nation. He didn’t even say lines, and I totally see him as Zuko. Many complain about his scar being not as “overbearing” on his eye like in the show, I find that argument a bit silly. Once again animation is different from live action in key areas, and a scar on an eye in the style of the animated show would be pretty damn distracting. When Dev Patel is suiting up at 1:04, the movie reminded me of a scene in the show when he’s suiting up for episode 1. YAY more homaging.

The actor for Iroh, which was a great character in the show seems like another personal mention because this trailer is the first time we see him, the Fire Lord and so many others. I even distinctly heard Katara’s grandma at the end. The casting is just looking so good, but I was afraid they would miscast Iroh. Doesn’t look like it, I’m pumped.

Overall, the movie is looking so good. And while it isn’t quite anime, this is a clear lesson for the idiots who made Dragonball Evolution and adaptions in general that you need competent directors, you need to really understand the characters, and so many other things that seem to go right for this movie.

The bending, the casting, the story, the visuals, all look like the people involved in the show gave their two cents about the movie. Could this movie be M. Night Shayamalan’s greatest work? If it critically scores well , it is going to be a BIG BIG BIG talking point. I could probably see a special long podcast for this movie.

Wow, even Princess Uwe (spelling?) makes an appearance. How long is this movie? It's packed with soo much stuff from the show.

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