Monday, March 29, 2010

The Last Airbender TV Spot

A new TV spot got my attention, and I am certainly glad I watched this.

After seeing this I took note of a few things.

Still haven't seen much with Patel's Zuko character, but he really evokes the presence of Zuko. He really does, and Zuko's presence was emphasized in the show quite a bit.

From :32 to :39 we get to see one on one bending a little bit more, and while Aang vs Zuko is too short; Katara vs Zuko was really awe inspiring. Patel's execution is really something, and Nicola Peltz as Katara...

She's been like the only worry to me, in terms of embodying her character she seemed more like a supporting character than the care taking individual from the show. That scene with her fighting Zuko ("I won't let you take him") gives me more confidence in her. Once again she seems to have trouble delivering on lines, but that one scene leads me to believe that they just edit her into the trailer badly. I think they edit her lines for "promotional" effect for the movie.

at :40, we see them on Appa. That blew me away, the fact that they were flying on Appa. The detail on just his fur looked so, wow I don't have a word for it. How much is Appa going to be in this movie? I'm really curious. If i'm mistaken, do I also see Momo on the left of Katara? It's probably her arm, and this scene probably starts toward the episodes before Momo even comes in. Would Shayamalan even put Momo in the movie?

at :50, is that Aang? If that is, Ringer has a scratchy voice. Not saying anything bad by that, but I am used to the voice of Zach Tyler Eisen in the show.

July 2nd release eh? I don't know if they told us this in earlier trailers, but this is a decent place to release it.

I am even more excited for this movie, between more confidence in Nicola Peltz, the bigger role Appa seems to be playing, and the bending. This is a movie that now could be great or a beautiful yet tragic failure.

Shayamalan, you better be on your top game.

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