Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mega Man...for Atari?

Why didn't this happen..or did it?

When I saw this megaman for Atari demo I was thinking it was a home brew creation, a very good homebrew creation, but then I realized it would've been a lawsuit waiting to happen.

After much searching I found here that this is indeed a homebrew creation. Or at least I think so, but it's cool nonetheless.

So after a while I found this:

If this homebrew copy is made and sold, it's an automatic buy for me. But damn the website isn't up yet after I clicked all the links and found this link:


and got nothing..yet.

This is a cruel game the websites are playing with us, but man I hope this game gets made.


  1. ew, those graphics look horrible...
    i'd gladly play megaman on my NES, thankyouverymuch

  2. I have to agree with Rob. Just stick to the NES version