Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Movie Review: Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Co-Review)

Ed's Review:

I absolutely hated the second movie, it was poorly written and dragged out, and had the amount of humor I could put in a movie script. Which is a bad thing haha, but Ice Age 3 didn’t look any better. So is it as bad as the second movie? Actually no.

I ended up enjoying this one more than the second one, which is good to say the least. But since Ice Age 2 was really bad this is not very much improvement. Once again Crash and Eddie were last minute ideas I wasn’t into, and in this movie they are just as boooring. I was hoping they’d go off with Buck at the end of the movie, nope no dice. Although this movie does a poor job making you believe Diego will leave, he was wasted in the second movie and in this one is good for a few laughs. But nothing more, he really lacks a purpose other than comedy relief. So I really don’t understand why Crash and Eddie ever made it into Ice Age 2.

There is more jokes and visual gags in this movie, only like 1 moment I can recall laughing at but not dragged out like Ice Age 2. It was creative to a degree in visual gags and also had some mature humor to try and appeal to everyone. I liked the character Buck that I mentioned before, he had the best lines out of all of them, one of his lines is truly the only time I laughed. The Scrat/Scratte relationship had good ideas and execution, but was completely a waste when it ended for nothing.

Manny and Ellie having a baby, yeah that seemed sweet and at the beginning I thought the movie would have heart and charm like the first one. Nope, it just ends up being fat jokes. When the baby mammoth Peaches…..WTF they named the baby Peaches. I’M NOT KIDDING, wow that was so damn lame of a tie in to an earlier attempt at humor for Manny earlier in the film.
At first they were going to call her Ellie like her mom, okay whatever, but peaches?! LAME! LAME! LAME!

Okay, to set the record straight, this isn’t a BAD movie. It just doesn’t try to do anything beyond jokes and gags, why is it called dawn of the dinosaurs when the dinosaurs concern the *cough* “plot” of the movie for like 15 minutes of the movie? Lame, but this movie wasn’t bad. It’s just forgettable, and with that I’ll give it a 3/5 for trying and being better than the previous movie, which is good because most movie trilogies get less good by the end. 3/5 is a good score, but I don’t recommend this movie if you have more than one movie you want to see. See the other one first and maybe if you still need to go see another movie, with money sitting in your pocket, then go to a cheap theatre and don’t bother with 3D.

3 out of 5

Tj's Review

I can't comment much on what I think about the second film because I have forgotten most of it. I loved the first one when it came out and still can find some enjoyment in the characters but after seeing the latest installment it's hard to understand why these characters are likable. The film tries to give all of the characters some semblance of development but they almost all fail. Manny voiced by Ray Romano just comes across as annoying and as if he hasn't learned anything from the first film.

Ed is right about the visual gags, this film revels in them. This is the biggest part of what makes this film so forgettable. It is full of moments that are there just to make the quick buck and 10 year olds in the theater on opening weekend. There is no depth or strength to what is going on. A movie like UP is built to last and for years to come will be while Ice Age 3 will be a bargain bin DVD.

There is some enjoyment to come in the second half of the film but it isn't nearly enough to make the film anything more than forgettable. I have to hope that they decide it's not in their best interest to make a fourth film. If you have a kid and need to shut them up for 90 minutes and you've seen Up already then maybe you could check this out, otherwise skip it. Oh, and yes Peaches is a pretty stupid name.

2 out of 5

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