Friday, July 10, 2009

Warlords on Atari 2600 Review

Since no one else has touched on the greatest classic gaming franchaise that is Atari, i'd finally taken my time to review one of my 50+ games for my Atari 2600.

Warlords is copyrighted for 1981, and uses the paddle controllers that oddly come as two tied together into one hub like this

Warlords is one of those games that could use as many as four paddle controllers to play the game, it is essentially an enhanced version of breakout. Yes you bounce a ball at other blocks, but your also trying to hit the "fortresses" of the other players whether they'd be A.I. or your friends behind the blocks, you also have your own fortress to defend as well. And by holding in the button of the paddle controller you can hold on to the ball instead of bouncing it and aim it somewhere else as necessary. The winner is the last one with a fortress and declares a winner after a set number of wins for one player.

Here is some gameplay for readers who are curious and want a second opinion ;)

Warlords appeals to me greatly, it is currently my undisputed favorite Atari game. It isn't easy to appreciate these games with an Xbox 360, a Genesis, and a NES in the same room. But games like warlords puts you back into that era, it's a great game to begin with and drive you to play more games like it does for me.

If I had to complain about anything, its that sometimes you hurry and turn your paddle controller too much to reach another side. Why is that a problem? well if you go off a certain amount with the paddle controller, you can have a dead area where turning does nothing at all. This isn't a good thing since the movement is extremely sensitive, but in my experience with the game just fidget the knob impulsively to keep control and check to make sure it'll move.

A great game for any Atari collection.

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