Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Heavy Rain DLC

When it rains DLC it pours

DLC for heavy rain would be cool, the game is already an exciting release for many PS3 owners, and DLC is mostly free on PSN so its a nice perk. Quantam Dream stresses the need for the game to sell well for DLC to be a possibility.

However, since DLC is more of a free perk on PSN, Quantam Dream should guarantee DLC in order to promote the shelf life and replayability of the game. It's also a no brainer that DLC will likely happen for Heavy Rain, they pushed the game back to 2010 to avoid competition. But the 1UP article stipulates that even the pushback is threatened due to all the other games being delayed to 2010. Well, DLC will certainly encourage people who look for value to look to Heavy Rain. Covering all bases is good for Quantam Dream to do.

DLC for heavy rain could cost money, but I imagine if given the space and the incentive it would we well worth every penny.

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