Tuesday, August 25, 2009

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Expansion Pack

So look, a lot of us here at Geeksquisite really aren't into WoW all that much. Some of us were at some point but that ship has sailed far far away. Regardless I'm sure some of you still love your WoW so I might as well put something up about it. I'm not going to go over everything new since you either already know it, don't care, or will watch the trailer below in find out in about 4 minutes. So just a few things I thought were pretty cool, the new Worgen class for the alliance. They seem essentially like good werewolfs and they just look incredible. The horde have Goblins now which seems like it's something that should have existed a long time ago but whatever. The new look to the world itself seems pretty impressive I must say. The Cataclysm they speak of seems like some super volcano went off or something and has completely changed the landscape of the game. Every trailer Blizzard makes has me itching to play the game but then I turn it on and after about 2 days I get bored out of my mind with no intention of returning. I think I'll wait until Star Wars: The Old Republic myself but if your a WoW player this looks pretty fucking exciting.

Debut Trailer:

Fly over of the new enviroments

This footage was cam filmed so the sound is pretty awful and the video is a bit grainy. But it shows the starting area and gameplay footage of the Worgen so if your interested it is worth the look. I really like the transformation.

Also some pretty bad quality Goblin gameplay. The audio is much more tolerable in this one though.

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