Sunday, August 23, 2009

Perfect Dark coming to XBLA

It's not just a retro listing

Well here is another XBLA Arcade game coming this Winter, Perfect Dark, and from the looks of the pictures it gets a graphical facelift from the N64 version. And when I read that I was thinking wow cool another Turtle in Time Reshelled story, especially considering it will have co op multiplayer. Thats about all Turtles in Time Reshelled had too.

Well there is something to make fans of Perfect Dark happy enough to buy it at the likely 800-1200 Microsoft points it will be, the Face Mapping Technology removed at the last minute before its original release will be put into the game. That should get some of us interested.

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  1. I don't think this is very much like turtles in time... perfect dark was originally in 3D... so upgrading the graphics is a lot easier to do while still keeping the feel of the original game.

    Turtles in time was originally in 2D, and when put into 3D, it makes all of the animations feel weird, and the combat less satisfying.

    the face mapping tech sounds like a cool addition, and considering the original game had co-op, I'd call loose the dogs of war if it was removed! I'd definitely buy this game at 1200, especially if they threw in online play.

    hell, if they keep everything in tact, and toss in online play, with updated graphics, and face-mapping technology... this would easily be worth 1600 pts.