Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Left 4 Dead 2 content news

Joystiq's overview of Dark Carnival Gameplay

Left 4 Dead 2 has been debated for being released too early, most of us at Geeksquisite think quite the opposite.

So with Jostiq's hands on experience of the Dark Carnival level I gleaned a few nice things to look forward to in Left 4 Dead 2 within their article.

First, we were introduced -- rather suddenly -- to a brand new special type of Infected, the Jockey. The Jockey is a small hunchbacked creature pulled straight out of Frankenstein's laboratory, complete with a crazy little laugh. True to his name, once the Jockey gets close enough, he will jump on a survivor's back and proceed to ride him.

This reminds me of the feature in the Activision Spiderman game, based on the movie, where you could jump and pound on the head of a criminal as he runs around the room. I'm sure the Jockey's actions will be similar, and be an annoying Pain in the Ass to kill as well as something entertaining to watch your fellow players go through.

We also are told there is a katana which seems an unusual and unfair advantage to survivors. But Joystiq maintains it doesn't:

Of course, running around with a melee weapon does limit your ability to help teammates escape from the Horde and special Infected, so you might want to keep a decent long range weapon as a backup

Zombies aren't exactly going to care if their arms are cut off.

A few other details: There's a new magnum pistol that downs enemies in a single shot (and blows holes clean through them). There is a grenade launcher available too, though we never actually saw it.

Sweet, I love the molotovs and pipe bombs, but we need some tools like the grenade launcher to make the body parts fly off the infected. Remember kids, hurting people is wrong but zombies make a nice tossed salad of limbs. HAZZAH!

I cannot wait for this game.

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