Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Square Enix releases details on FFXIII

Confirmed news here

When it was said and done that Final Fantasy would come to Xbox, we were excited and excited for Final Fantasy in general.

Well, Square Enix let loose the Japanese release date of the game as December 17th 2009. However, the article doesn't indicate whether the United States will release the same day or have a seperate release date.

Square Enix also announced pricing for the Japanese Release at 8800 Yen, which as Donaldson proclaims is about 95 dollars USD. With tax, you're looking at a $100 game.

SO let me get this straight, it doesn't have to obey the 60 retail standard for games. But Square Enix is crazy enough to price the game at about 100 dollars in US currency, granted be the game could be 17 hours long but holy hell 100 dollars!!!

Okay I admit it, i'm not a Final Fantasy person but $100 for a GAME O_o

Square Enix plans to launch it over here in 2010

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