Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle Developer Video

I had recently seen the Developer video that Suda 51 has made that was shown at PAX 2009.

You can watch it here.

The developer video not only shows off some cool things about the game, but is well put together, and is really entertaining. Suda Goichi(Suda 51) is probobly one of my favorite developers, and I really think he understands that a game should be made fun before it's made great from a technical standpoint.

The video showed off some new features, such as new type of beam katanas you can unlock and the introduction of 2D jobs which, as you can see to the right, they look like they came straight out of a game on the NES or SNES. He also talks a bit about some of the new boss battles, and how you could be fighting multiple enemies, which seems like fun, however he doesn't show us too much just to avoid any spoilers. He also mentions improved AI, some new wrestling moves, the ability to dismember enemies in a few more ways... lots of small, but welcome changes.

The graphical quality of the game looks slightly more crisp than the last game, and it's definitely looking great for what the Wii can pump out. I was already sold on the game, but now after watching this trailer and seeing some gameplay, It looks to be an allover more polished game than the first, which had it's fair share of glitches, despite being incredibly satisfying and fun. Be sure to look for the game when it hits stores January 2010.

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