Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trailers of the Month: October 2009

Ed's Picks:

Toy Story 3 Trailer #2

Do I really have to explain this? Fine, it’s probably Tim Allen’s only good role where he’s used effectively, and the Spanish reset thing concerning Buzz looks hilarious. Plus it’s Toy Story, a great set of movies made by Pixar who can do no wrong with how hard they try.

Avatar Trailer #2

I understand James Cameron has never made a bad movie yet, but I refuse to hype a movie BEFORE I see a real trailer that tells me everything. Then the international trailer came out, and it was really good. Put this movie on your list of must see films.

Edge of Darkness Trailer

Mel Gibson in a leading role again? Interesting, although this movie sounds like it’s been done before. However it is a compelling looking movie, I won’t lie. Mel Gibson definitely helps build a strong movie.

The Maiden Heist Trailer

This looked like a simple comedy you could laugh and forget about, but having Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and William H Macy as the guards looks hilarious. This could be one of those movies with only a few good jokes but great performances can make up for that immensely. I did laugh a few times while watching the trailer.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of New Orleans Trailer

Nicholas Cage does everything he gets, and for some reason that makes me a fan of him for trying to be flexible. The way he performs in the trailer has me tempted to see this movie. But jeez, Xzibit’s in this movie? That kind of says how serious they were with the casting, especially with someone who shouldn’t be acting.

TJ's Picks

Avatar Trailer #2

Other then The Hobbit this has been my most anticipated movie for over two years. I have been patiently waiting for some footage for a long time. I saw the first trailer and it was bleh and then I saw the Avatar Day footage which was incredible but didn't give a mountain of information regarding the main plot of story. Well here for the first time we get a 3 minute story trailer for Avatar and it is nothing short of incredible. Watch it enjoy it and if you don't see it I might just have to write you and angry e-mail.

Me and Orson Welles Trailer

I'm a film major of course I'm interested in a movie with and partially about Orson Welles. He might have lost his luster as he aged but while in his prime Orson Welles was one of the biggest personalities and egos on the planet. He's a fascinating person to study and delivered one of the greatest films of all-time Citizen Kane. I think Zac Efron has a lot more talent then his High School Musical career so far has given him. This is his chance to show us what he's got, good luck Zac.

Toy Story 3 Trailer

Not sure what to say other then it's more of the greatness that is the Tory Story franchise. I have to admit after 15 years since the first film came out I have had my fill of this franchise and wish we were getting something new from Pixar instead but I'm sure it will be great regardless. Where's my A Bug's Life sequel thats what I wanna know.

The Crazies Trailer

Zombies are the new vampires and the vampires are the new pussies. While the film indicates the zombies in this film to be a bit more of a supernatural background then a infection one it still seems interesting to me. Almost like a cross between The happening, Body Snatchers, and Stephan King minus the Shyamalan. Plus any trailer that uses Madworld has got my vote.

Invictus Trailer

The casting of Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela is about as obvious a casting choice as there can be. I'm a little concerned with his accent since in some scenes he has it and in some it seems to be missing. I'm still excited though and Matt Damon seems to be putting on a potentially oscar worthy performance. This is a film to watch.

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