Friday, May 15, 2009

Comic Mission Statement

I think it’s important to know first that I’m not that well versed in the world of comics, yet. It’s something that I’ve always dipped my toes dipped in but never really explored. I believe most of this comes from the fact that with Marvel and DC comes forty to sixty years of intertwining storylines. There is just so much in the timeline that even the combined minds that roam the internet have yet to figure it all out. So how am I a lowly newcomer supposed unlock its secrets?

This is not to say I have no knowledge of comics. I’ve read various volumes of the Walking Dead, Preacher, and Runaways. Though if you notice the trend most of them aren’t a huge part of superhero continuity with Runaways being the exception. I’ve always loved superheroes; it’s just that the idea of where to start is mind boggling. This frightened me away from getting into most comics for quite a long time.

I’m tired of missing out on them anymore. I’ve now taken it upon myself to at least try to get hold of just about every comic possible, online. It is with this new found courage that I dive into the vast ocean of comic’s laid before me. I’ll be starting this journey with a title from Robert Kirkman entitled “Invincible” published by Image Comics. I’ll use this as a starting point and then it’s anyone’s guess from here on out.

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