Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obscure Video Game Review: Toxic Crusaders

Hey guys, I figured I'd take a little time out of my day and bring to you a first in a series of reviews I'll be doing. These reviews will focus on the obscure titles that maybe not everybody knows. So, the game I'm Taking a look at is Toxic Crusaders on the Sega Genesis. First, let me just tell you guys about how licensed this game is. This game is based on a TV show of the same name, which is based on a comic book of the same name, which is a spin-off on another comic book called "The Toxic Avenger" which was based on a cult-classic movie, "The Toxic Avenger". So, this game already has a lot of back-story to it... However, that isn't quite it's focus.

The real focus here is the gameplay, it's a side-scrolling brawler, much like the TMNT Arcade Game or something like Streets of Rage, you scroll to the side, and you fight dudes. While those games have never been too much about accuracy, this game is even MORE in-accurate, sometime you wonder if you're even hitting the enemy at all. It gets so bad that sometimes you're shooting at stuff off-screen! However, this somehow doesn't limit the game's fun-factor too much. The enemies, while numerous, usually only take 1 or 2 hits to kill, so the in-accuracy of the combat doesn't feel like it's limiting you very much. Besides regular combat, you can also take down enemy helicopters and hop in them for a short period of time.

You play as one of three characters, Toxie (Who you might also known as The Toxic Avenger), NoZone (A Mutation of a pilot and a bird), and Junkyard (A Mutation of a obo and a Junkyard Dog). There's no character select screen, so the only way to hange who's playing who is to goto the options menu at the beginning of the game and choose the player. If you're playing as Toxie, you also have Toxie's little pal Blobbie running around, who was also in the TV show. However, instead of being pink like he was in the show, he's yellow here, and on the back of the box, they call him Bloobie for some reason. Anyways, Blobbie can be used in many different ways to attack the enemy, but my personal favorite is using your mop as a golf club and golfing him into different enemies.

While the game isn't heavy in storyline, it has a thin plot, taken directly from the TV Show. Aliens called Radiation Rangers are attacking Tromaville, and it's up to Toxie n' pals to stop them. I find it funny that somebody who is essentially made out of toxic waste is fighting to stop people who are trying to pollute the planet. Anyways, you get to fight in a variety of locations. You start in a city area (Tromaville), but there's also a Park with a bunch of radiation oozing about, An Alien Spaceship, a Train Station, and more. There's enough Variety in the six different levels to keep the game from becoming boring, even though you're fighting the same enemies over and over.

Overall, the game is fun, but if you're not a fan of the TV Show, or The Toxic Avenger, it might not do anything for you. Thats not to say you shouldn't give it a shot, though. I first played this game before I even watched The Toxic Avenger or Toxic Crusaders, and I still enjoyed the hell out of it. So, if you ever wanted to mop up Tromaville, or you just want an average side-scrolling brawler, Toxic Crusaders for the Genesis is for you.

I give this game 4 out of 5 stars.

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