Monday, October 12, 2009


So, you’re kicking ass in COD 4 and next thing you know you hear the infamous click sound of your controller dying. “SHIT” you yell as you see someone on the other team run up to you and to be a complete dick they stab you rather than just getting a headshot. What do you do? YOU GRAB YOUR BANANAS! Imagine how cool you will be as you pop out two new rechargeable batteries out of a pair of glowing bananas!

You’ll be the life of the party! On the other hand, you could just be tool that is trying to turn their whole life into a running Mario Kart gag. Novelties have never really made sense to me, but after some thought I can see how someone could like these bananas. Instead of having that brick attached to your outlet (or in this case, your computer), you get some decorative bananas that attach to your laptop. Another benefit is these batteries can be recharged on the go, so no running out of batteries when you can’t charge them.

The bananas themselves can charge 2AA or 2AAA batteries at a time. They fit on the palm of your hand, so although they can be a source of decoration, they will not end up being the biggest decoration in your room. The bananas have lights in them to both indicate charging and completion of charge. For a price of $22.00 it seems a little steep, I guess that is what you get when you are buying a novelty. If you are interested in the battery bananas this is where you can get them .

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