Monday, October 12, 2009

500 Posts Strong and many more to come

Hey guys, I just wanted to thank all our readers and listeners who make this site worth continuing. To all the authors who have helped with posts and videos over the months thank you for bringing your own touch to Geeksquisite. I've had a hell of a lot of fun writing, recording the podcast (When there is time), and making videos for your viewing pleasure.

I thought I might just mention a few of my favorite moments since starting up this site back in May.

1. Our third week: The first two weeks just didn't quite do as good as we hoped and the site just wasn't getting a descent amount of traffic. We didn't even have a ton of direction just ideas with no sure way of how to execute them. The third week came and all of a sudden we started putting out about 5 or so original post a day and reviews started to come out left and right and our traffic began to rise. This is the point where we pretty much reached the next level and out paced the traffic that Midnight Multiplayer (our former site) achieved in a year.

2. E3 2009: I'm just so happy and proud of all the coverage we did. We had over 40 articles between 3 of us myself, Rob, and Ed at the time and recored 3 podcasts on the event. It was a great milestone for us and one that we are still trying to match.

3. The Podcast: I know we've been light on shows lately. Sorry about that but it has a lot to do with everyone having school and different schedules. But ever since changing the title and stepping up our game we've enjoyed the company of over 8 different guest and a bunch of new podcasters. It is always a lot of fun to release a new show and see what people think of it. As we approach our 50th episode, yet another milestone I look forward to us upping our game.

4. Bioshock Event: This event was an incredible day which we shared with you all in the Bioshock videos. The event itself might have been a bit lackluster but the journey there and back was quite memorable and for me and the other authors a hell of a fun morning.

5. The Future: The unknown is always the most exciting and most scary. I don't know where we'll be in a year all I can hope and strive for is for improvement and for us to keep learning and releasing higher quality content as the months and hopefully years come.

Thank you everyone whose been a part of this from the start and too those who have just found us. We love you all and thank you for the good times.

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