Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tech News: Remote Start Iphone App

For all those who remote start their car, its common we see users of the Viper remote start system which costs $500 bucks. Well, say you have it and just happen to have an iphone? well YourMGN scooped up news about this free Iphone app for remote start

For those interested, here is a picture of the interface you can use in lieu of your viper remote start fob

I have to wonder if this will be available for other remote start systems, or be compatible with them. You also have to have a WiFi connection for it to work, this worries me because it's impossible to know when you won't have a connection. Sadly I bring this up to tell people to avoid leaving the viper fob or their keys if they are interested, because since it depends on WiFi it's too risky if you decide to leave your key fob and keys at home.

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