Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Queen Rock Band?

1UP had some news regarding plans for a Rock Band game based on Queen songs, highlighting the "eagerness" of Brian May that Queen would get a treatment similar to Beatles Rock Band.

Beatles Rock Band was a curious concept considering it would center around just Beatles songs, rather than easy-to-sell hits from many bands. Face it, it wasn't hard to like the Beatles. It was a profitable venture that even demands its own DLC, although this isn't confirmed.

But Queen, okay sounds like another winner but in a lighthearted way I find it not necessary. Queen isn't as universally liked or long in its existence as the Beatles were, that's not enough to make me NOT WANT Queen Rock Band. Although, Queen Rock Band sounds a bit funny, it sounds more feminine than about the band LOL!

But if Queen songs have already appeared on Rock Band DLC, what is the point of making a seperate game when Queen could just put the songs as DLC. I guess seeing how popular they were led to them wanting to cash in, not that I blame them.

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