Sunday, October 4, 2009


A reader has found this week’s geek gadget for me. It is the Dental Intra-Oral Camera… Also known as a tiny webcam attached to a stick. On the website, it is billed for “enabling users to examine teeth, or other body parts by themselves or with the help of others, and viewing the pictures live on a computer.” WHO ELSE DOESN’T SEE THIS GOING HORRIBLY WRONG? We’ve all heard the gerbil stories from hospitals. I honestly am terrified at the thought that some people will buy this then decide with their friends. “HEY how cool would it be to look at the inside of my ass!”

Then reading forward after removing that horrible image from my head I realized the resolution of the image is a mere 320x240. My god the Lego studio kit had a better resolution from the webcam they gave you. The camera was in itself an interesting idea that I am sure initially meant well. Despite, I think we should leave looking at our teeth to the experts, and not our naturally hypochondriac selves.

If you ACTUALLY are interested in this product, it can be found here , for a price of $46.63 (you get what you pay for). You can also buy these in bulk… I guess to try to start a dental non-medical use camera business. Have fun this week, and I will be back next week with something much less disturbing (promise).

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