Saturday, October 10, 2009

Harmonix doubts success of Beatles Rock Band DLC

Over on 1UP is an article regarding Harmonix and their uneasy feelings about paying the thousands of dollars to offer more Beatles songs as DLC:

"It's not like Rock Band where we wait for the masters to come in and just author them ... its like, send people to Abbey Road, use the original tape, separate them out," Harmonix representative John Drake told BBPS.

Fair enough, the Beatles is a highly guarded group in terms of profits ($$$), and Harmonix simply isn't sure "demand" will be there. But I honestly roll my eyes at the fact that they went through with the ridiculous royalties to make this game, and now decide to whine about how hard it is to make DLC.

Sure, they could just not do it and enjoy the "decent profit" they made, but of course they want more. Take the risk Harmonix, I want Help! to be released.

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