Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trailers of the Month: September 2009

Hey everyone sorry were a few days late with these. Hope you enjoy.

ED's Picks:

From Paris with Love Trailer

Okay, this director who made Taken kept me entertained but also has a very fast paced movie direction. Having said that I liked Taken, and the idea of John Travolta being a cold, calculating no questions to ask partner to Meyer’s character made me consider this movie.

Trick or Treat Trailer

There has been very few good horror movies in recent years, mainly due to desensitization and lack of originality. Having said that, Trick or Treat has an interesting interweaving of four stories and I especially was curious to what was happening to the people and the “rules” you can’t break on Halloween. Could be fun.

A Christmas Carol Trailer

Why should I care about a story I’ve seen and heard so many times…
Jim Carrey as Scrooge
Zemeckis’s motion capture technology
I’m a Disney Fan
The trailer looked fun

A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer

Hate remakes, but production values changed for Platinum Dunes regarding this movie. Jackie Early Haley seems like a good Freddy, I’ll have to see what rotten tomatoes rates this thing upon release though.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox Trailer

I think George Clooney should be in more roles period, I don’t see him enough. This looks like a great chance for him to perform, Owen Wilson’s character towards the end was pretty funny. And there is something about this movie’s animation style that is so appealing to me and so suited for this comedic take.

TJ's Picks:

A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer

The biggest problem I've had with all these remakes is the actual photography. I don't like the look of Nispel's films. The cinematography just feels to clean and smooth for what I think a horror film should look like. That seems to continue from what I see in the trailer. Other then that though, I'm pretty excited mostly to see more of Jackie Earle Haley who is quickly becoming one of my favorite character actors.

Solomon Kane Trailer

I didn't even know about this movie before the trailer but I'm really excited. It looks like a ton of fun and a bit darker then your typical action movie. Adult themed fantasy films not geared towards children is pretty rare, so this should be fun.

Michael Jackson's This is It Trailer

Not sure how many people know this about me but i'm a HUGE Michael Jackson fan so it's impossible for me to not be looking forward to this film. Think of him what you will there's no doubt the late icon made one hell of a mark on music history.

Defendor Trailer

I'm a huge Woody Harrelson fan and can't wait to see this superhero comedy. It has this great quirk about it that I just can't wait to catch in theaters. I hope the movie lives up to the great trailer.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox Trailer

Aright so how awesome does this movie look? FUCKING AWESOME, thats it. This seems like just crazy enough it might just work ideas. I can't say I'm really a bit Wes Anderson film but I'm excited.

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