Monday, August 10, 2009

Geeksquisite Question of the Day #32: 8/10/09

This question came to me when thinking about piracy and wondering about the pros and cons of it. If it really makes as big of a difference as people claim stuff like that.

Question #32: What are your thoughts on pirated music?

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  1. I think it's good for bands to get thier name out there... but if you really dig an artist you should buy thier stuff.

  2. Its a sign bands should promote and sell their work on their own online.

  3. Well I heard this exact phrase "People who Pirate music buy more then the person who does not pirate" so I think its a good thing. Also I do not thing it is right for the RIAA to sue a person for $2300 per song, it should be up to the artist whom dosen't get anything from when the RIAA sues.

  4. I think if it's a really popular artist and you love them so much why not run over to Wal-Mart and buy their newest CD? I listen to a lot of artists that no one listens to which means all their CDs are out of print so the only way I can get their music is to pirate. :/