Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Xbox Live is limited by Halo 2?!

the friends list question

Many Xbox Live users have occasionally wondered whether the maximum for their friends list will ever grow from 100 users to...well, more. I happen to be one of the people finding it harder to empty my friends list for someone else to send me a request due to a MAJORITY of my current friends being unremovable.

It wouldn't be hard to increase the maximum for the friends list on Xbox Live, but some writers at 1UP indicate of insiders that such an upgrade alone would cease Xbox Live support to Halo 2. That is odd, but if it were true, would people be okay with online multiplayer being cut from Halo 2?

Personally, it's not necessary. I do suffer from running out of room on my friends list, but I occassionally go back to Halo 2. The fact that it holds back Microsoft from increasing the friends list limit is a question of priority. Do people want an even more extensive ballooning of their friend's list, and Halo 2 becoming a single player experience at your home?

I don't.


  1. It has to be a porgramming issue, bungie must have accidently made it to some how the code for the firends list cannot be update by a update. They might be able to make it like the halo 3 beta where you can only search a playlist to play with others and cannot invite them.

  2. fuuuuuck, make Halo 2 single player, I don't fucking care! I'd KILL to have more space for my friends list, shit man...