Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Netflix....only on Xbox 360

Microsoft locks down

Well, this is a surprise. I have heard Netflix was going to move onto PS3 in the foreseeable future and maybe for the Wii at a later time. Seriously, many expected it to happen, and for it not to happen must have been Microsoft "preserving" one of the first gems of the NXE updates.

I actually never expected Nintendo Wii to get Netflix, since I am in the opinion that the Wii is more of a toy than anything else. Ironic as it may sound, the Wii isn't a powerhouse like the other two consoles. But I was extremely sure the PS3 would gain this service, even at a loss. Yeah, Netflix streaming would hurt the Blu Ray factor of the PS3 if you could just get "most" of your media via Netflix. But people like me consider their consoles their sole DVD players, and why buy DVD's when you can just stream?

I just recently tried the new Netflix features, and I like them. It's cool to have Netflix parties with some of your long distance friends. No doubt this news is good for Microsoft, in terms of console sales and Xbox Live Gold Memberships.

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