Monday, September 28, 2009

3D custom and perscription glasses coming this Fall

Alright guys it was reported by Variety and I found it through Marketsaw that Technicolor will be starting to make custom made 3d glasses for movies. The glasses are reportedly going to be available before Avatar hits the theaters this december. This is huge and I and everyone else saw this coming for a while now. Everyone knows the glasses are a bit clumsy with their one size fits all feel. So this is great especially when so many movies are going to be coming in 3D. While thats all great the HUGE part of this announcement is that they will also be selling perscription versions of the glasses for people who already wear glasses. Anyone who wears glasses (I Do) knows that wearing both glasses has always been an inconvience we just had to deal with. No longer though and it has been reported that the glasses will be able to double as sunglasses by changing the angle of polarity (no clue how that works). Of course perscription glasses for anyone cost a pretty penny and with this new 3D tech in them, this won't be a purchase for everyone but for me it's a must get.



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