Friday, October 2, 2009

5 minutes of 2012..............OMFG!!!!

Look can we get this out of the way, the movie will have terrible acting (Cusack is exempt from being anything less than awesome in everything), and unbelievably convoluted and contrived plot. But and there is a big ass but, this film is going to be just EPIC in all measures of the word. I think critics, filmmakers, and fanboy 15 year olds can be extremely snotty and elitist but I know one thing for a fact. That is that I have a lot more fun at the movies then they do. I work on films all the time and yes I love a good ole' fashioned drama like anyone else but I also like to see things explode. These movies are far and inbetween, if you think about it we must have 1,000 movies a year between dramas and comedies and only a handful of big sci-fi and adventure movies. We hear about them all the time simply because they have gigantic marketing budgets so everyone hears about them constantly. They are by far though the minority of films that exist. So while they might not be remembered 50 years from now I'm more then willing to indulge in some fun with friends a bag of popcorn and some MST3K action for 2 hours. I'm so sorry that it's not a "real film" if I don't cry 5 times throughout it.

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