Sunday, September 13, 2009

NES RF Switch Flaw

While on a trip in Pennsylvania, I brought along my SNES to play in my hotel room for when the fun was over at the party. First of all, I recently watched an Angry Video Game Nerd "You Know What's Bullshit" episode about hotel room TV's, James Rolfe (AVGN) lamented about how hotel room TV's are not great if you want to use video game consoles, DVD players etc.

Rolfe is right on this, especially considering most hotel TV's don't have RCA inputs to avoid people bringing their own DVD players. This is a common practice to help them make money through Pay Per View, so Rolfe advised people to buy a RCA to CoAxial converter box to take with them.

The thing is, I make due with what I have. Older systems like the SNES use an RF switch, and that just requires you to put the cable into the RF box and putting the box on the TV. I have two RF boxes, one for the NES and one for the SNES. You'd think they were the same right?

Nope, since I had the SNES RF switch on my TV, I took the other one. The hotel's tv was so annoying to remove the cable for, that i had to hold the TV sideways with my cousin who came to play. So when it was all connected except for the RF switch to the TV, I ran into a huge annoying problem I had overlooked.


The SNES one does, bitterly ironic but what did we do then?

Unplugged the whole thing, and connected the RF to the TV FIRST. You have to turn the RF box with the wire since the wire cant slide the other way, and thank god my cousin Rick was there because on my own this will be extremely frustrating to do when I am at it alone in a hotel.

My trip went well, but that was pretty annoying. If you have an RF switch for the Nintendo/Super Nintendo, make sure the wire to the TV has a turnable nut in case you plan to use it.

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