Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Nintendo Seal becomes it's own branch

It is now named...

After many many years the Nintendo Seal of Quality will be leaving us, and wil become its own company. In previous years the Nintendo Seal of Quality was an assurance that the game you bought was approved or made by Nintendo that limited the amount of games one developer could maker. This ensured quality bug free games and let Nintendo loyalists avoid the non licensed games that sometimes didn't work.

A lot has changed with the Nintendo Seal of Quality, including the fact that now it's just labeled the Nintendo Seal. I have many games such as Captain Skyhawk, Hardball III, etc. that prove the Nintendo Seal of QUALITY was BS, and probably the reason they changed it. They kept it though, likely imprinting the idea that the game must be good by the seal. Although I know that means nothing.

Now that it is its own mentions better work conditions, so I imagine testers might show some more enthusiasm to simply deny some of the terrible games in the Wii library. I can't hope for too much though.

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