Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bobby Kotick don't need no consoles

Even the Simpsons don't like Kotick


Bobby Kotick is a greedy self absorbed CEO (of Activision), yeah I get that. This isn't simply someone wanting more profit, it's simply him wanting Activision to sever ties with the companies that make him money.

Activision has games that go as far back as Atari, Activision profited from the popularity of the console market. Now Kotick is so proud of himself that maybe one day, he won't need to put Activision's games and other stuff on any console. I guess this means he would like to exclusively put Activision games on computers and plug and play plastic devices. It's definitely a possibility.

Maybe Kotick doesn't realize that since hardware is working with it's developers to make better games, it'd be damn foolish to break the trend and start trying to sell the games on their own. Gamers hear rumor of EA making its own console, but developers really don't have the power to make a good console let alone support it with many exclusives. Companies tried that years ago, and look how few consoles we have to choose from compared with years ago.

Kotick, if you can't just shut your mouth, then I hope you engage in your scheme and fail. Which you will.

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