Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney acquires Marvel

Um, I wasn't expecting this.

Well wow, I was really looking forward to the growth of Marvel but now Disney bought Marvel. Marvel is good on its own, but perhaps Disney will "interfere" somewhat with the Marvel lineup in the next couple of years.

If this were 5 years ago, i'd hate this news. Heck, I wouldn't care either because Marvel wasn't snowballing like they are now. To me this is a damn shame, because I was looking forward for Marvel to grow as a company and present some steadfast competition. In that regard I hate this buyout, however, John Lasseter who is the Chief Creative Director of Disney likes to leave companies to do their own thing. Lasseter MADE SURE 2D Animation stayed alive at Disney (hence The Princess and the Frog movie this December).

So I would hope that Lasseter recognizes Marvel for all the creative work they have, and let them develop on their own.

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