Tuesday, September 1, 2009

*New* Super Mario Wii coming this year

It's a nice!

Get ready this November for the New Super Mario Brothers, the first game I played on my Nintendo DS was pretty awesome. It's a welcomed addition to the Nintendo Wii library i'm sure, and having a 4 player gameplay option will certainly make this an enjoyable party game. I mean really, WHO DOESN'T KNOW WHO MARIO IS!

I find this interesting in the article:

If Nintendo stays true to their track record of releasing their main titles in November, then we can expect to see this game likely release on or around November 15th. -Matt Furtado

That's quite a claim to make that i'm sure most people could agree with, especially since it is around my birthday. If Nintendo made a bundle with their console and this game, I'd be very tempted to get it.

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