Friday, September 4, 2009

3D TV's overhyped?


This kind of 3D doesn't need a special TV; rather, you just need a set of stereoscopic glasses, the likes of which you've probably already used once or twice at the movies in recent years. Or even at a games show, to play some WipeOut.

Now let me get this straight, 3D is a gimmick, an optional media going experience at the movies or at home. Now Sony is promoting 3D TVs, which are obviously going to be $2000 TVs at the base price. 3D hurts my eyes as it does others, so nobody is going to want to watch 3D on a TV ALL THE TIME. And I suppose the 3D TVs will have the option to turn off the 3rd dimension, but seriously, WHY do you need to buy a 3D tv? if movies come with 3D glasses, and using a 3D TV requires glasses, whats the premium features of owning a 3D TV. Tell me and maybe it will justify others buying these 3D TVs, but it makes no sense to me because if movies can come in 3D with glasses, and it takes a firmware update to make all the PS3 games work. What do you need the TV for????

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