Thursday, September 3, 2009

Police Swarm Bungie Studios


Kotaku Writer Stephen Totilo posted a very hilarious story here, where someone caught a Bungie employee carrying a sniper rifle replica through the studio. The problem was that somebody called the police thinking it was a shooter, and so Drama ensued.

Walking with that sniper rifle must look intimidating, and of course you would be worried if you didn't know that can't be a real weapon because it resembles one from a game. Nothing bad happened when the police came according to Totilo, but he said the police insisted more discreetness when carrying around such intimidating mock ups.

Totilo even posed with the sniper

Looking at the sniper, first of all, that's not very easy to handle let alone use, and wouldn't a sniper be hiding somewhere instead of walking around so casually. Don't forget that snipers shouldn't be that big to begin with unless it's open warfare, but really, I laughed over this misunderstanding and i'm sure many others will too.

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