Saturday, June 27, 2009

Classic Movie Review: Space Jam

By classic review I mean the movie is old, I wouldn't go as far to say its a classic movie wise. It IS one of the most watched movies from my childhood, but as i've gotten older I had to go back and watch this movie. So how does Space Jam stand up to today's standards? It's a guilty pleasure.

I have to say for a movie advertising the Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan, there's a lot more Michael Jordan than cartoons for about 20-30 minutes of the movie before you really see the Looney Tunes.

I blame the writers for a lot of this movie's problems, first of all you have four writers. Usually movie's don't exceed two writers, and when they do it signifies how rushed this idea of a movie was. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen had three writers because they had to write up the script before the writers strike. But four! thats ridiculous, It highlights the fact that this movie was actually made to be like a commercial bonanza like "The Wizard" was for Nintendo.

Anyway enough about that, the live action parts of this movie are pretty boring for most of the time and also a bit pretentious. I mean really, if you're including the Looney Tunes don't bore us with an autobiography of Michael Jordan that people who care about him already know. This actually ages the movie somewhat and I gotta say the live action elements are boring, I just wait till the Looney Tunes come back on.

Speaking of which, Bill Murray was terrible in this movie because he was thrown in so randomly. But funny enough, I entertain myself with the idea of Bill Murray being lead in this film instead of Michael Jordan. Entertaining concept to say the least, but man the director didn't know what he was doing. Which is understandable since Joe Pytka hasn't made a movie before or after this.

Okay I have beaten this movie to death, now let me say what I like about this movie. Good Animation, I kind of liked they added Lola Bunny. I'm a sucker for love interests, and I appreciate a closure to the persistent talk that Bugs Bunny was gay. I can't stand those kind of conversations, and they did happen after Bugs was in that opera spoof with Elmer Fudd. And while the animation scenes aren't as funny as the real stuff from long ago, they are light years more charming to watch than most of the live action parts. And even though we know R. Kelly is a perverted A-hole, his "I Believe I can Fly" song in this movie is inspiring and made his debut to the world.

So is this a movie people should see, yes I actually say people should see this. Looney Tunes appeal to kids, basketball to adults, Bill Murray to everyone else.

But to be truthful I give this movie a 2 out of 5, you could be watching worse stuff though.

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