Monday, June 22, 2009

A review of the Sam Raimi Spiderman Trilogy

Well, since Raimi is back for Spiderman 4 and maybe 5. It got me to think how he has fared so far with the Spiderman franchaise.

Spiderman- The first movie, where I had no knowledge of most of the cast. Tobey Maguire was a good Spiderman/Peter Parker, James Franco and William Defoe were good too. William Dafoe has always played "dark" crazy characters, but I could see a fatherly figure to Peter in him while he essentially shunned his son and hoped he'd snap out of the Goblin phase. Unlike most people I didn't care about Kirsten Dunst, although when she kisses spiderman it seemed like a great moment between the two of them. This movie in general was well executed, I kind of liked the Goblin Suit, and it was a nicely done origin story. It had changes from the original story, but it worked, and the scene with Peter trying to control his webbing was priceless. Overall this movie works good, but it's not quite on the level Spiderman 2 was.

3 out of 5

Spiderman 2- My favorite one. This movie confronted the love story finally and brought over 20 years of loopholed storylines regarding Mary Jane and Peter. But even more important, Alfred Molina as Doc Ock was great. He totally "behaved" as if you could predict what he'd do with his new appendage toys, and when the arms controlled him you saw naieve optimism in his attempt to build the tritium machine again. Spiderman losing the will and control of his powers was certainly interesting to watch, and the train scene. Oh my god the train scene! Watching his suit rip while he was trying to slow the train down made me tense. I almost thought he'd plunk onto the ground below, and the moment after that was wildly hard to believe, but symbolic at the same time. Spiderman giving up the girl was great for me because then it didn't have to revolve on her, but damn he got her back. That was okay for me, as long as it resolved the love interest since waiting to let someone know you love them always kills the movie if it's never resolved early on in a trilogy. This was the best one so far.

4 out of 5

Spiderman 3- Oh my god, what happened? Remember me saying the love interest was resolved, it wasn't. Raimi needed to keep it somehow and put a subplot about Mary Jane's career, that wasn't even the worst thing. Remember in Spiderman 2 when he felt good not having to be Spiderman, that was okay and put some lightheartedness into this movie. Well, because Raimi wanted to make the movie darker he switched it to emo Peter when he got the suit. SO MANY CAST MEMBERS WERE MISUSED OR WASTED, James Cromwell never had a significant part that any no name actor could have done. Topher Grace did as good as he could, but I never could believe Eddy Brock to be so puny. Grace was miscast in my opinion, and Thomas Haden Church as Flint Marco was kinda off. Why? because at the end he became a wild goose chase for Peter and ended up being just a thrown in character for action scenes. There was more Sandman and Harry Osbourne than Venom, with Sandman being a waste and Harry being stupid until he changed heart in light of a small fact his butler failed to tell him. This movie was trying to be something it wasn't, and it was successful box office wise. Wow this movie sucked, and that's too bad too because Venom and Sandman looked good.

1 out of 5

So we know Raimi started out good, got better, but then dropped the ball. Why? well because he and his brother decided to write Spiderman 3 instead of a good writer that hurt it. Thank god they got someone for Spiderman 4, it is partly Raimi's fault who did not want to do another Spiderman movie. So i'm worried about the 4th due to that, and Sony is holding on to Spiderman a lot now that Marvel is trying to take back its franchaises. That is bad considering Sony pushed the use of three villians in one movie, so they are a problem for the franchaise too. One can hope though that the 4th movie will go about face.

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