Wednesday, June 24, 2009

James Cameron's Avatar showing footage


I've heard about this movie for over a year or two, the guy is legendary and Avatar is supposed to be top of the line all CGI droolfest.

Well now he's decided to show 24 minutes of his movie at a Cinema Expo in Amsterdam.

First of all, I guarantee you someone will pirate this and show everyone. Or maybe Cameron will show it to everybody later on, but 24 minutes! Why, why not show a trailer?!

*the poster is dated incorrectly*

I really don't get this anymore, I understand it is to entice people to go see the movie. But 24 minutes is like showing half the movie regardless of the runtime, whats next?

I remember being able to watch 6 minutes of the Incredible Hulk when the footage came out, it was awesome and made me go see the movie. But just a day or two ago T.J. posted The Last Airbender trailer and went crazy because he wanted to avoid seeing it. Now fans of the movie are going to see the actual movie, 24 minutes of it, and they could hate it or wish it was the whole damn movie.

This practice of showing more than 5 minutes of a movie to entice people to watch it only feeds the piracy crazy and should be substituted by trailers. Those are cool, they're shorter, and they get you excited. Real movie footage only makes you obsessed.

24 minutes! I gotta say, I don't get it.

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  1. i don't know where you got the idea that this is something new came from. They've been doing this for many years some times showing up to like 45 minutes of a film occasionally. This was at a special expo screening there won't be any bootlegs. Trust me i've gone to one of these things for Superbad and they have like secret service looking guys and wands and metal detectors and more.

    Plus if ANYONE sees this film in bootleg form they should be shot. And more reasonably banned from this site. It's and insult to what will be a groundbreaking film that should be seen in it's highest potential viewing conditions.