Monday, July 13, 2009

Bioshock 2 Pushed to 2010

Well continuing the trend of delaying games Heavy Rain Pushed to 2010, Bioshock 2 will not be coming out in 2009. The game was scheduled to come out this November here in the States but due to development issues the game won't be coming out on time. Take-Two stated that the more time will be needed to develop the title to give the fans what they want.

I still can't say I'm all that excited about Bioshock 2 but I think a lot of people are so it's pretty disappointing. I personally don't mind seeing a few of these games pushed back. With money being the way it is there is no way to afford the 30 games I'm gonna wanna play this fall. So to see that some of them will be spread out a bit is a nice change. I loved when GTA IV and MSG4 came out in the spring.

Take-Two has also delayed Mafia II and Red Dead: Redemption to 2010 as well. I don't care about the Mafia series but Red Dead is a game I am interested in and will probably get the ps2 title Red Dead: Revolver to see what it's like.

Bioshock 2 Delayed

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